The outstanding workplace at 1 Westfield Avenue will enable us to adopt more agile and collaborative working practices. In turn, this will enable our teams to operate more effectively and most importantly achieve even better outcomes for the world’s children. 
- Mark Devlin, COO, Unicef UK

A workplace without boundaries

IQL’s office spaces offer much more than the square footage on the floorplate. Our menu of ‘third spaces’ provide physical and digital extensions of the office down to the ground floor and beyond. With a work-anywhere approach, at IQL ideas can be captured wherever they happen.


A new coworking space is coming to IQL in 2019.

Office alfresco

A collection of outdoor spaces equipped with all you need to bring quiet working zones and collaboration spaces out of the office and in to shared spaces.

Active lobbies

Lively and dynamic environments which encourage movement and collaboration throughout the building.


Spectacular, iconic, and playful in its design.

Building design

We work with award-winning architects to design commercial spaces that encourage workers to remain active, and increases opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and inspiration, facilitating better productivity.

This is future-proofed office space where work no longer means being tethered to a desk. Where group debates can coincide with quieter discussions and meeting rooms can be merged into event space. Where wellbeing and work go hand-in-hand.

Office Space

Efficiency and Performance