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SHIFT Innovation District

SHIFT, the world’s first inclusive innovation district has launched at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, east London - a hub that is internationally recognised for innovation and one of the most successful Olympic and Paralympic legacies.

SHIFT will be London’s living testbed for creating better urban futures and innovative workplace practices. With a mission to solve some of the most pressing issues of 21st century city living, it will drive inclusive innovation in climate adaptation and resilience, health and wellbeing and advanced mobility solutions.

We will put the public at the centre of our innovation, so the needs of the community come first. Businesses will all have climate resilience and net zero at the heart of their plans, and encourage a creative culture that values skills and connectivity. 

The innovation district will bring significant economic value to the area and will drive further job creation in the region, partnering with East Bank organisations.

SHIFT has been launched by seven core partners:

Our mission?

To innovate extensively and creatively to find practical answers to the most pressing questions that cities face today.

Cities are struggling with climate change and economic imbalances, and SHIFT London wants to change these areas for the better.  These problems are too big to deal with alone, so we must come together to improve living for all. 

We aim to achieve this through bringing together local residents and organisations, leading-edge academic institutions, established businesses and start-ups, creative clusters and a growing science and tech community.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park provides the physical layer of our living testbed; a real urban setting across 560 acres of parklands. Home to waterways, sport and leisure facilities, public realm, roads and routes, homes and a range of academic, business, cultural and creative spaces, QEOP is the ideal destination for the SHIFT innovation district.

We need brilliant, fearless entrepreneurs, investors, and commissioners to join us in a spirit of collaboration and creativity, exploration and experimentation. To strengthen our network. To shift the balance and create change that will shape the future of our cities and citizens.