Our Local Community

“Vibrant and resilient communities and cities”. It’s one of our sustainability imperatives, and one that’s “in with the bricks” if you will – it’s been part of our ethos since the beginning. Our projects seek to add value to the communities around them, creating opportunities, a new skilled workforce and more places that can be enjoyed by surrounding neighbourhoods. And through IQL we’re continuing the Olympic legacy and doing everything we can to improve economic prosperity, community inclusion and wellbeing in Stratford.

Here’s exactly how we’re doing it:

Economic Prosperity Image

Economic Prosperity

We’ve created the Building Futures programme, teaming up with local primary schools to run a week-long project, during which they can learn more about architecture and the built environment. We also partnered with Stratford’s own Building Crafts College to help with the training of the construction industry’s future leaders. Here, we send some of our team to speak to students and regularly liaise with the college for recruitment when internal vacancies are available.
Community Inclusion Image

Community Inclusion

The Pavilion at IQL has been designed with the public in mind. It will become a hub for the local community, featuring an outdoor amphitheatre at its centre where people can meet, sit, eat and work – a sort of Town Square for the neighbourhood.
Wellbeing Image


From the earliest stages, our buildings are created with wellbeing in mind. Heating and cooling systems keep the temperature at an optimal 22-24 degrees, architecture makes the most of natural light and structures minimise ambient noise. Each office space also recognises the changes in how we work. Spaces are designed to facilitate collaboration. There are a variety of branch out spaces, open plan layouts and meeting rooms, some of which offer panoramic views over London.
Sustainable Transport Image

Sustainable Transport

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. For those who wish to cycle to work, we have over 170 bicycle racks, 45 folding bicycle spaces and two accessible Sheffield stand cycle spaces – and buildings like 2 Redman Place house showers, changing facilities and drying rooms. People who work and live at IQL also have special access to our Life @ IQL app where they can check transport updates and access the latest offers from shops and restaurants in the local area – knowledge that encourages regular visitors to engage with the local area.
The Loneliness Lab Image

The Loneliness Lab

We partnered with the Red Cross and Buro Happold to create an 18-month research programme, The Loneliness Lab, to tackle loneliness in London. The findings from the research will be used by businesses across the world to minimise employee loneliness in large cities.
All of the above helps us create more than buildings. It allows us to enrich existing communities as well as create new ones. And when you feel like you’re part of a community – collaboration and innovation comes easily.