Four images stitched together of the V&A, UCL< BBC and Sadler's Wellsbuildings
The arrival of two of London’s Higher Education institutions in Stratford will firmly position the East Bank as a powerhouse of learning and creativity in London. The London College of Fashion and University College London will be opening new East Bank campuses over the next few years.

University College London

The East Bank development will also welcome a brand-new University College London campus to the area. The new campus will combine eight UCL faculties, comprised of around 4,000 students and 260 staff members. As well as this, the ground and first floor of each building will be designed to encourage members of the public to visit and work there too. The buildings will create 50,000 square metres of space – the equivalent of seven professional football pitches. That’s a lot of space! This will be made up of research space and student accommodation as well as retail and community engagement space.
London College of Fashion Image

London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion will open at East Bank London in 2022, amalgamating its current six sites into one larger campus. The new college building will be home to 6,500 students who will benefit from a world-leading research community, social enterprise centres and learning hubs. State of the art facilities will include public open spaces, galleries, a library and archives. Its aim is to drive impactful research to promote change and innovation, as well as build better lives for a sustainable and socially conscious future. The new campus will provide new opportunities to students and allow them to work with expert digital developers, designers, psychologists, and marketing theorists.

The addition of two world-class HE institutions in Stratford will be further strengthened by the V&A Collection and Research Centre. This new local resource from the V&A will be a research hub available to local businesses, researchers, students, and visitors from all around the world.