A New, Sustainable District

Lendlease has a long-proven history of focusing on Sustainability – before it was a key focus of industries, governments, and long-before it was a buzzword. We care about the environmental, social and economic outcomes of our projects – ultimately we want to create great places, but do that on a healthy planet, with healthy people.

With this in mind, Lendlease Europe has made a sizeable promise – to reach Net Zero Carbon on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025, and Absolute Zero Carbon by 2040. This means eliminating all emissions generated directly or indirectly from Lendlease activities.

But ambitious targets are all very well. What does that mean for our current impact, how do our existing projects at IQL fare, and what are we doing now to minimise our environmental footprint? Here are just some of the initiatives helping us to build and exist more sustainably in Stratford.

Infographic stating sustainability goals of Lendlease

But what does a sustainable neighbourhood mean to the people who work and live in Stratford? Teams who work in our buildings enjoy natural light, fresh air and ergonomic design that gives them branch out spaces to work truly collaboratively and flexibly. The opportunity to go outside and have so much outdoor space on their doorstep means they’re more productive and enjoy better work/life balance. They know that where they work caters for the local environment - economically and environmentally. And employers can rest safe in the knowledge that they’re part of the change; they’ve joined a community of businesses who are turning the tide towards a more sustainable London workplace.