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IQL at the heart

The legacy of the London 2012 Olympics kickstarted a transformation in Stratford. With 24,000 new homes by 2031, three universities, office space for some 25,000 workers at IQL and world-class attractions for tourists, it’s London’s new, vibrant community.

Stratford is home to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, soon to welcome renowned cultural institutions like BBC, V&A East, Sadler’s Wells, and UAL’s College of Fashion. The Park already boasts iconic venues such as London Stadium, London Aquatic Centre, and Copper Box Arena, making it a truly exceptional destination.

"The whole centre of gravity of London is moving East"

- Lance Forman, Owner of H. Forman & Son

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A New Retail Mix

Stratford is popular. It's fresh. And as communities have diversified, more and more brands have embraced the east. IQL retail will include convenience outlets and high-street stores. Eateries will cater from dawn until dusk, for casual and elegant diners. Everything workers, visitors and residents could need - right on their doorstep.
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Connected to All

IQL's retail corridor links Westfield, East Bank, London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and residential developments within IQL itself. We're creating a rich tapestry of curated retail and lifestyle experiences to appeal to all, by weaving together independent retailers with established brands.

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