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IQL Orchard of Yarn

Garden designer Tom Massey’s mobile orchard consisting of 20 fruit trees was installed in Stratford’s Endeavour Square in 2021, and this autumn it adds to Stratford's art with its first annual Yarn Bomb.

The Orchard of Yarn display combines bespoke pieces designed to fit the tree trunks with strips of abstract knitting winding through the branches. In collaboration with Tom Massey, artist Rosina Godwin has repurposed knitwear to create fresh and eye-catching tree trunk socks to promote sustainability and display an unusual and creative use of old and worn fabrics.

Old knitwear is incorporated to show the beauty of patching and darning, while new designs explore the creative opportunities of recycled knitwear. All 20 trees will be adorned in knitwear featuring the bold IQL Stratford colours - magenta, orange, blue, and green. Each piece will show a variety of colours and patterns, such as using a counterchange technique to reverse the colours in the designs to create contrast.

The numerical art form of knitting will also be used to tie into the local community, by incorporating lucky numbers such as 7 and 8 into the designs or locally significant numbers such as 12 or 20.

Wrap up warm this winter and make sure to share your pics of Stratford's art with us on Instagram with the hashtag #OrchardOfYarnsE20.

  • 17 October 2022 - 16 April 2023
  • The Orchard, Endeavour Square, E20 1JN
  • FREE
Monday, 17 October
12am - 12am
Sunday, 16 April
12am - 12am