Careers Fair at IQL


On Wednesday 17th July, we invited 35 Year 8 students from 3 Newham schools to IQL. The aim? To tell them more about the businesses who now call Stratford home after moving to the development.
Employees from IQL tenants Unicef, Financial Conduct Authority, Cancer Research, the British Council and Lendlease donated their time to speak to students about who they work for. Students were split into groups and visited various “stands” to learn more about each company and speak to the volunteers. The students learned about the kind of work each company does, the roles within that company and had the opportunity to take part in a short task related to business operations like marketing and finance.
With the development of IQL, many businesses who were previously headquartered in other parts of London, have now made Stratford their home. This brings a new opportunity to students of Stratford.
The aim of the careers fair was to raise awareness and to help the workforce of tomorrow better understand the opportunities arriving on their doorstep and how they can be part of it. We’re measuring the success of the event by what our visitors thought about the sessions. Read what they had to say below:


“Today I learned what architecture is. I learned about different companies and how they help people, for example the FCA make up laws which keep people in mind in the UK and other countries and help them think about financial needs. We wrote on the wall to explore things needed in a financial regulator.
Some of the different jobs we learned about were, for example, CRUK, who have people who make campaigns that raise awareness about cancer, and organise activities which raise money. Before I wanted to study law or politics (I’m not sure yet) because I like the idea of working with ideals and people’s rights. Now I’m considering working for the FCA. They pitched out what they do clearly and I could do something related to Law there. Overall the day was fun, intriguing and well-organised! Next time it might be interesting to learn about companies which make products e.g. cars and phones.”


“We did lots of workshops and learned about companies I different parts of IQL- how they work and what kinds of things they do and how they are involved all around the world. We learned what kinds of work there are and the benefits. In each company there are different jobs e.g. managers at Unicef, communications, help with IT. It can be really useful to have a second language. Before, I didn’t know that many jobs. Now I know you don’t need a certain degree for a certain job necessarily. It opened my mind, to think you don’t necessarily need maths to work in finance! The British Council workshop taught me that architectural engineering is not just design. I can’t really think how to improve today but maybe randomly pick people to check understanding and explain things in even more detail; there was a lot to take in.”