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Your guide to East London neighbourhoods

Thinking about moving to the area? Fancy exploring some of the East London neighbourhoods this weekend?

We’ve rounded up the most exciting areas of East London for you to discover. So hop on the tube, jump on the bus, grab your bike or catch the train…they’re some of the best connected areas in London – perfect for a day of exploring.


Of course, we couldn’t talk about East London neighbourhoods without mentioning Stratford. Home of International Quarter London, Westfield and the Olympic Park there are endless options for things to do in the area.

You could spend an entire weekend exploring Stratford, but if you only have a few hours then we’d recommend stopping by these places…

1. Grab a coffee and a freshly baked pastry at Signorelli artisan bakery to kick start your day. You can even watch the pastries and breads being baked through the glass window in store.

2. Ride the ArcelorMittal Orbit. It might be high, but it’ll only take you 40 seconds to slide down, so perfect for squeezing into a trip to the area. You’ll see a view of London like no other and get an adrenaline rush to set you up for the day too!

  1. 3. Take a quick walk around the Olympic Park – keep your eyes peeled for the Aquatics Centre, Olympic rings and Copper Box Arena.
  3. 4. Head back the way you came and get ready for a spot of shopping at Westfield. One of the largest shopping centres in Europe, you’ll find all your favourite brands here – as well as some you’ve never even heard of!
  5. 5. If you haven’t got lost in Westfield, why not fit in a matinee performance at one of the local theatres and cinemas? Theatre Royal Stratford East and Stratford East Picturehouse are both nearby and have an ever-changing programme of events.
  7. 6. Head to the top of Stratford Shopping Centre for a rooftop drink like no other. Roof East is the perfect spot for a relaxed drink and pre-dinner bite to eat, and maybe even a game of crazy golf or lawn bowls. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!
  9. 7. Hungry? There’s food for everyone in Stratford – from traditional fuss-free Thai food to perfectly baked pizzas. Explore what’s on offer – we can’t promise it’ll be an easy decision!
  11. Finish your day in Stratford with a game of bowling at All Star Lanes or a post-dinner tipple at The Mezzanine cocktail bar at The Stratford.
Hackney Wicks

Not far away is Hackney Wicks, home to renovated industrial spaces, quirky eateries and beautiful walks along the canal.

It’s not far from Stratford so you could explore both at once, or dedicate a whole day to explore the area. Here’s our top picks from this East London neighbourhood:

  1. 1. No visit to Hackney Wicks would be complete without a trip to the iconic Breakfast Club. Arrive
  2. early or be prepared to queue – but we promise it’ll be worth the wait.
  4. 2. .Take a wander around the streets, many of which are adorned in quirky street art and graffiti.
  6. 3. Head towards Victoria Park – one of London’s largest parks which is full of interesting corners to explore. On a hot day the splash pools are a popular place to bask in the sun or take the kids to the
  7. V&A playground to burn off some energy.
  9. 4. Grab a late lunch at CRATE brewery and pizzeria – a recently renovated factory complete with micro-brewery and DJ.
  11. 5. Finish your day with a boat ride like no other. Hop aboard the Alfred Le Roy and enjoy a canal cruise complete with cocktails and snacks. Just make sure to book in advance!


  1. 1. If you visit on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday then make sure you head to Roman Road Market.
  3. The market features a variety of stalls – from fashion and homeware to street food – don’t miss Saint Sugar of London and the French Connection end of line sales. If you stick around long enough you’re bound to find a hidden gem. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then head to East End Vintage Clothes on Huddart Street so see what you can find.
  5. 2. Take a break and refuel with a coffee and slice of something sweet at the Nunnery Café on Bow Road. If you fancy something more substantial, they offer freshly made sandwiches and a full vegetarian menu too.
  7. 3. Time for a spot of culture. Head to the School Museum on Copperfield Road to learn more about this Victorian children’s home and what it was like to live and go to school in the East End from the 1880s. The Bow Police station is also worth a look. It’s not open to the public (other than on selected doors open days) but you can often hear the 20 resident police horses clip-clopping around the area. It should also be noted that Sylvia Pankhurst was held here for a short time as a result of smashing windows nearby!
  9. 4. No visit to Bow would be complete without a stop at a local pub. The recently refurbished The Crown on Grove Road is handy if you’ve been exploring the park, as it’s just opposite the main gates. The beautiful dining area overlooks the park and it’s the perfect place for a catch up with friends or a cosy bite to eat.
  11. 5. Top off your night with a visit to The Eleanor Arms and the Old Ford Jazz Club. Every Sunday the pub becomes a popular jazz night so expect it to be lively!