Founded in 1993, The Rosetta Arts Centre, London serves the communities of East of the city by encouraging engagement with the arts. There’s a full programme of activity throughout the year, so whether you're looking for pottery classes London or a fun exhibition in Stratford, you can nourish your creativity here.


The Rosetta Arts Centre runs weekly courses for those who are looking to learn something new. Starting at £30, it doesn’t need to break the bank and there are a variety of qualifications on offer. Maybe you’re looking for something to attend at the weekend or you’re happy to commit time to it on a weekly basis – there really are plenty to choose from.

Topics include, but are not limited to, drawing, painting, Islamic art and calligraphy, mosaics, photography and pottery. For adults and children who require additional support, there are a range of sensory based arts and crafts courses specifically designed to be more accessible.


Children’s art workshops East London

The Centre regularly runs a 12-week art workshop in Stratford for kids to teach them the basics of art, shape and colour. It’s best suited for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Little ones can come each weekend, be creative and make new friends.


Community projects

The Rosetta Arts Centre was founded by radical educator and artist, Yvonne Humble, so outreach is at the core of the organisation. The Centre works with local communities, organisations, families, children and schools to help improve quality of life. They provide free access to art for over 55s, work with those who have poor mental health, encourage mindfulness with dedicated seminars and encourage placemaking through community art projects.

Art Stars online gallery

Visit the Art Stars online gallery to view some spectacular art created by the young people attending the Saturday art school.

Events and exhibitions

Visit the Humble Gallery to view the output from local emerging artists. In terms of what’s coming up or find more information about art classes in East London, take a look at the what’s on page of the Rosetta website.


Adult Summer Courses

A range of summer courses for adults will be running in the coming months and now is the time to book your place! Courses include pottery, calligraphy, painting, drawing, textiles, fibre art and photography. Enrol for any of the classes via the Rosetta website.