Wheel of a ship with sunset background


New to Stratford? Or maybe you know the area like the back of your hand? Regardless, discover interesting things to do in London's East End by taking to the waterways around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

London East End’s Bow Back Rivers date as far back as the 12th Century and were used as a water source for local communities as well as to power the many watermills in the area. As time went on, they became integral to the production of many things for the inner city. And it became common place for gunpowder, gin, paint and rubber to be stacked onto vessels for transportation from Stratford.

Stratford’s other great export, locomotives, contributed to the decline of London’s waterways, as a more efficient and cheaper mode of transportation.

After extensive restoration, you can now take to the waterways again, with a boat tour by Lee & Stort. On each two and a half hour trip, you can expect to embark at the Stratford Waterfront Pontoon, before entering the Carpenters Road Lock, onto the River Lea to enjoy views of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the various facilities used throughout the 2012 games.

There’s a fully licensed bar on board too, if you’re in need of refreshment. For a full list of details, dates and to book visit the Lee and Stort website.