coffee mug breakfast on a plate and a laptop all sitting on top of white bed sheets


Alright, enough moaning everyone! To relieve some tension, let’s think about all the things we USED to moan about, that we don’t need to deal with for the time being. This is what we’re NOT missing by being on lockdown.

The commute

If you’re lucky enough to be working from home, think about all that time you’re saving. You can wake up at 8am and can start work at 8.30am. Log off at 5.30pm and that’s your commute done!

That’s hours of commuting saved, not to mention all that money spent on public transport and fuel.

You can take a full break on your own comfy couch and save money by making your own meal, too.

If you are a key worker, first of all may we say thank you. You are vital to keeping this country running and keeping us all safe. Whether you work for the NHS and emergency services, you’re in the food, grocery and wholesaler sector, you’re a teacher, or you work for your local council to keep things moving – thank you. May we never take you for granted again! 

Secondly, we hope your commute to work is significantly less crowded, less noisy, and much easier for you now that all we are all staying at home.

Not appreciating the ‘little things’

Following on from not taking things or people for granted anymore, we’re beginning to appreciate the little things a whole lot more. More people are checking in on their elderly and vulnerable neighbours to see if they need a hand, more people are phoning each other for a catch up rather than texting endlessly about a face-to-face catch up that will inevitably never actually happen, and more people are taking a moment to step out and breathe in the air around them. Whilst you can’t see your friends, family, and co-workers in person, there are plenty of ways to stay social and there are loads of spots around Stratford for you to enjoy on your daily walk


For those that like their personal space and are not a fan of crowded places or shops – this one is for you. No longer are people bumping into you, no longer are people reaching over your head to get a tin of beans from the shelf, and no longer do you have to push past people to get anywhere. The introduction of the 2m social distancing rule keeps us safe, but it can also keep us sane! 

Wasting money

Think of the money we’re saving by staying home and eating what we have in the cupboard before heading out to the supermarkets or local shops for that ‘craving’. The food in our fridges isn’t going off anymore, and the old tins in our cupboard are now daily staples!

We’re doing pub quizzes in our living rooms, so no need for a new outfit that we’ll wear once to then spend £100 on a round that people will start dropping out of by the time it comes to the 3rd person… 

All this money saving is excellent but remember to support a local business and order a takeaway for delivery from them every now and then. 

Leaving your house for essential trips only can be difficult, but it’s crucial to keeping us all safe. Plus, we didn’t even mention the thing we are not missing the most – the British weather. Bye bye, rain - we’re in our cosy day-time pjs!