back of peoples heads sitting in theatre seats in front of a stage with red curtains


I Think We are Alone

Frantic Assembly were set to celebrate their 25th anniversary this year, and maybe they still will, but unfortunately it won’t be via their brand-new production, I Think We are Alone. The tale of two sisters looking to clear the air has been lauded in the press for its use of physical theatre and it’s a real shame that frequenters of the Theatre Royal Stratford East won’t get to see it. Fear not though, production stills are online for those looking for a taste of what could have been. Ticket holders will be contacted.

Oliver Twist

Born into poverty and misfortune, plucky orphan Oliver Twist escapes to London and falls into a life of petty thievery. What starts off as a barrel of fun slowly descends into something more sinister. The Charles Dickens classic was due to receive its Leeds Playhouse production for a fourth year running from May 28 through June 5, but the show has been cancelled and ticket holders will be contacted.

Welcome to Iran

Ava is a twenty-something British Iranian. Following the death of her estranged father, she journeys to Iran in search of his past and her culture. Theatre director Nadia Fall’s previous productions – of Home & King Hedley II – were met with critical acclaim during their theatrical runs and so it’s safe to assume that this play, based on real-life interviews, would have been just as astonishing. Unfortunately, it’s among the plays scheduled for the next few months and so falls victim to the Coronavirus outbreak despite having been one of the most eagerly anticipated Theatre Royal Stratford East events. Ticket holders will be contacted.

Sucker Punch

Amidst racism and unemployment in Thatcher’s Britain, two friends find solace in a South London boxing gym in 1981. Roy Williams’ rousing play Sucker Punch packs as much of a punch now as it did upon its inception a decade ago. It’s just a shame that it has to cap off the list of cancelled performances, thus having to forfeit the fight instead of winning by knockout. Ticket holders will be contacted soon.

But you can still support Theatre Royal Stratford East…

While you may not be able to physically show your support by filling a seat, Stratford East is asking for support via its website. The current situation came just as unexpectedly to them as it has everybody else, and so their best chance of surviving the next few months is to call upon those who want to benefit from it when things are more optimistic. By following the link, you can donate an amount of your choice. Even the smallest donation could play a vital role in keeping Theatre Royal Stratford East events going long after the pandemic is over.