Tom Massey planting The Orchard at IQL Stratford

Introducing The Orchard at IQL

Each tree will be in its own planted structure, flanked on each side by sustainably made Terrazzo cladding which incorporates used materials. Yet, in order to retain the flexibility of the space in Endeavour Square, each will be moveable. The seating itself will provide an opportunity for the community and local employees from the surrounding buildings and Workable to enjoy the outdoors.

IQL OrchardPlanters_2400x1000.jpg

The Orchard at IQL is a fine example of urban greening, where we use innovative methods to turn multi-functional spaces into green oases. Now, we know Stratford has no shortage of green spaces but this one at the heart of IQL will create a new social space as well as create a grand promenade for those entering the London Stadium; one step closer to marking the area as a Climate Innovation District of London.

The project is brought to life by Tom Massey, the brains behind The Hot House at IQL. The Hot House further contributes to our mission of turning Stratford into the Climate Innovation District London needs. It is a manmade structure that grows exotic fruits and produce that otherwise would be difficult to grow in the UK. See the video here.


As part of our commitment to Sustainability, we’re creating yet another installation that not only gives the public a feast for the senses but will also provide amounts of fresh produce to local cafes and eateries.

Visit The Orchard at IQL from September 24th, where nearby live music is set to be a regular occurrence. And don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Instagram using @iql_stratford