Bird scooter in Stratford London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Introducing the Bird Scooter to London

A historic law from 1853 stops such vehicles from being on UK roads and pedestrianised areas. However, in March, the government announced that a review of such laws could take place this year. The benefits? The Bird Scooters are electric and so can reduce levels of congestion and pollution in London.

You may soon be able to hop on your scooter and “drive” to the other side of London – test it for yourself at the Olympic Park. The scooters are available to rent through the Bird app, between the hours of 7am and 9pm.

Find out all you need to know at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park website. 

The Bird Scooter at the Olympic Park

You may have spotted them already - small electric Bird Scooters travelling through the private paths of the Olympic Park. Travelling at a maximum of 15 miles per hour, they’re an effective way to tackle those frustrating journeys that are too short to justify a taxi but will take you a while to walk.

They’re also a new way to scoot through the acres of land right next to International Quarter London which stretches down to Here East.

The Bird scooters trial in Stratford will allow you to travel from Stratford to Here East until the end of March 2020. You can hire one through the Bird scooter app between 7am and 9pm or 5pm on weekends. 

What's the Bird Scooter cost London?

Bird have confirmed that the cost for a Bird scooter in London will be set at 25p per minute with a £1 charge to start the ride. For up to date pricing information, visit the Bird app and find your nearest ride.

Where can I find the Olympic Park scooter hire?

You'll find the Olympic Park scooter hire points at Here East or near the park's Information Point. Staff are available to help, or more information can be found on the Bird Scooter app. It costs just 20p per minute with a £1 unlocking charge.

Scooters can only be used within the Olympic Park scooter hire boundaries within the park. 

Are there any restrictions when using a Bird scooter?

Bird scooters can only be used on the private paths of the Olympic Park London. They will reach a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. You can travel between the areas of International Quarter London and Here East.

Scooters can be used from 7am to 9pm, or 5pm on weekends. Scooters won't be available for use on event or match days.