2 Redman Place meeting room

2 Redman Place – A case study in Sustainability

After completion in 2019, 2 Redman Place achieved one of the highest ever BREEAM scores given to a commercial building. We take a look at what makes 2 Redman Place a leader in Sustainability and provide some serious inspiration to those looking for sustainable office ideas for their own organisations.

What is a sustainable office?

A sustainable office is a place that takes positive action towards reducing the depletion of natural resources. It’s a workplace that operates in a way that pays attention to the surrounding ecosystem, helping the environment and communities in its area.

2 Redman Place has taken such actions both in the building’s construction and its ongoing running. From a design perspective, sustainability was written into the brief for architects Rogers Stirk and Harbour. Intelligent design was used to minimise ambient noise and provide ample natural daylight.

During the construction phase, consideration was given to practical elements like sourcing more sustainable materials, systems that could be used to minimise carbon footprint and more sustainable energy sources. So even before fit-out, 2 Redman Place was a building that had all the optimisations to operate more sustainably because it was designed that way.

What does BREEAM Outstanding mean? 

BREEAM is the world’s leading assessment method for sustainability in masterplanning projects, buildings and infrastructure. Only the most sustainable buildings achieve an Outstanding certification, the threshold for which is 85%. 2 Redman Place received a BREEAM score of 94%, one of the highest ever received by a commercial building. But how did we achieve it? Here’s just a few of the sustainability initiatives that made 2 Redman Place outstanding.

- Green space was created on the roof and along the south wall to increase local biodiversity.

- Triple glazing and solar panels were installed for carbon savings.

- Heating and cooling of the building is provided by the local Stratford Energy Centre, which itself includes a renewable energy feed.

- Lifts in the building return the power they use to the electricity grid, through an innovative system.

- The building harvests rainwater, saving over 18.6 million litres of mains water each year.

This was all in addition to the building using materials from sustainable sources, all of which was overseen by a Sustainability Manager who championed sustainable processes throughout the build.

Wellbeing: A sister of sustainability

Whilst traditionalists would take the term sustainability as a purely environmental practice, we now understand how comfortably it ties into wellbeing – in this case the wellness of those who use our workplaces. BREEAM supports this and takes wellbeing factors into consideration as part of the overall assessment.

Those who work for organisations like The British Council, National Institute for Health and Care Excellent, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, NHS Health Research Authority and the Care Quality Commission at 2 Redman Place enjoy a range of features that improve their overall wellbeing. 100% fresh air, controlled temperatures, minimal ambient noise, maximised daylight with floor to ceiling glazing and 360-degree views across Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The building encourages people to move, with wide internal staircases and a choice of places to work, both inside and outside of the building, to enable agile ways of working. The active entrances are hubs of activity, where people can meet and work, or choose to enjoy outdoor terraces, offering views across London.

The floorplates are designed with a natural collaborative heart but the physical design is the easy part – creating a culture of connection and community requires greater ongoing efforts.

Our Life@IQL platform and app supports an online community where people can connect with the broader neighbourhood and local activities. Our Community Manager brings the human touch on the ground, making sure the app taps into everything that’s relevant to local residents and employees, from things like special offers to travel updates.

Wellbeing in the workplace is something that Lendlease takes very seriously, not only for those we employ, but also for those who work in our commercial buildings. To inform the design of office buildings like 2 Redman Place, Lendlease has sponsored research partners like the Loneliness Lab to study how meaningful workplace relationships boost productivity, collaboration and overall output. And, in a post-lockdown world, this research is now more important than ever.

Sustainability in the workplace

But how does all of the above affect the organisations that have chosen 2 Redman Place as their office? How does sustainability in the office actually affect the day to day lives of those who work there?

First of all, it means comfort. Fresh air, natural light, controlled temperatures and minimal noise are optimal environmental factors that we, as humans, need to be at our best.  And with the modern workplace supporting different needs in terms of space, each floorplate is large and open, with branch out areas, meeting rooms of varying sizes and outdoor workspace if you just need to vacate the office and concentrate or collaborate with a colleague. The World Economic Forum has highlighted skills like problem solving and creativity are going to be key in recruitment for the future and our healthy, sustainable building qualities are perfect for nurturing the critical thought required for such professions.

From a business perspective, the floorplates are flexible so organisations can truly tailor the office experience for what works best for their employees. The views across London aren’t that bad either!

The building also features communal amenities and a sense of combined community that extends far beyond bricks and mortar. Comfort facilities like showers, secure storage and bicycle parking are available to all employees, as well as an active lobby with communal working and casual meeting space.

Beyond the doors of 2 Redman Place, the landscape opens up to specially curated retail and dining, lunch spots, and world-class fitness facilities. The neighbouring Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park offers a green retreat for those in need of the great outdoors. And the soon to open Pavilion will bring an amphitheatre style town square to the public realm, creating a hub and meeting point for the local community.

Finally, the connectivity of Stratford is unrivalled. Two train stations, an underground and ample public bus services connect you to all areas of London, while the high-speed Javelin takes only seven minutes to reach St Pancras from Stratford International. This minimises commutes and gives employees valuable time back each and every day.

The Sustainability agenda of late has become more than best environmental practice, it’s become a shared sense of purpose that, when combined with community, creates belonging and a strong sense of brand values. This in itself is the perfect environment to attract the best talent who, when they come together, will truly do good for the world.

To find out more about 2 Redman Place and other available office space at IQL, visit our Workspace section. To find out more about the BREEAM certification, read our dedicated article.