laptop and an ipad on top of a table showing an image of a sign saying "hello we're open"


Stone Mini Market

Describing themselves as “just a humble bottle shop and off-licence”, this local business is providing grocery delivery in London – around Leytonstone and surrounding areas. They’ll deliver bread, milk, eggs, fresh tofu, fruit and veg, cleaning goods… and beers! 
You can message their Facebook or their Instagram to place an order. 

Dolce Café and Patisserie

It’s not just supermarkets that are coming to you. If you’re wondering how to support a small business, the folk at Dolce Café and Patisserie have made it easy. They’ve got you covered for essentials like bread, bagels, vegan sticky toffee pudding, eclairs…and birthday cakes! The minimum order is £10, and fuel delivery charges may apply, depending on how far you are from them. You can contact them to place an order through their Facebook page, or you can call/text them directly on 07425 380149.

Perky Blenders

Working from home and really missing your morning coffee? By order of the Perky Blenders, you can have that perfect cup! Stay safe and stay at home: we recommend joining their ‘six week club’. You can choose the type of coffee you’re looking for and the grind, all while showing others how to support a small business. The Perky Blenders handle the rest – a bag of coffee through your letterbox every week for 6 weeks. Oh, and it’s free delivery. What easier way to support a small business?

The Plattery 

The Plattery is a catering company, who typically cater events. However, it’s here in London’s time of need, having suspended event catering to focus on how it can help. Some food for thought: not only is the store providing grocery delivery in London with pre-planned options available – it’s also offering those of you in a fortunate position to ‘Pay it Forward’. This means that it can also provide free meals across London to those in desperate need. Even if you aren’t planning on ordering, you can still help those in need by visiting their Go Fund Me, too!