Outside of Stratford station

Planning of Stratford Station’s expansion has begun

Planning has begun for a major Stratford Station redevelopment. The LLDC (London Legacy Development Corporation) announced its appointment of 5th Studio to lead a multidisciplinary design and planning team to produce a planning and development framework, deciding and implementing changes that will ensure Stratford Railway Station’s long-term future. 

It’s good news for locals and commuters alike as a key part of the newly appointed team’s study will assess how better connectivity could be formed between both Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the town Centre, and from Stratford Station to Stratford International. As the seventh-busiest station in the UK, with over 128 million passenger movements a year across its Zone 2/3 lines, the expansion afforded by the Stratford Station redevelopment will further increase passenger demand in the coming years, even post-Covid. Rosanna Lawes, Executive Director of Development at LLDC, said: 

‘The scale of regeneration on and around the Park has meant that passenger usage at Stratford Railway Station has trebled over the past ten years. The essential work will not only help us make a case to the government which secures Stratford as an appealing place to work, live and visit, but it will also help us identify ways in which we can improve local connectivity and job opportunities for nearby residents.’ 

5th Studio is working with the Expedition Engineering, Momentum Transport and others to develop a vision and urban design framework which will inform business strategy for the long-term Stratford Station redevelopment - it’s a transformation on a similar scale to London’s DLR metro line and the Kings Cross and London Bridge underground stations. 

The addition of high-speed Javelin trains, which played a crucial part in the movement of tourists in the London 2021 Olympics, will further Stratford Station’s strategic importance and increase its 94m annual entries and departures. The expansion will create jobs and boost local economy exponentially, as Tim Holbrook, Director of 5th Studios, explains:

‘Stratford has been shaped by the railway, but the railway has set up some challenging obstacles to movement that have baked-in inequality. We are delighted to win this important commission, which builds on previous work over the last decade to improve connectivity on and around the Olympic park and Legacy Boroughs. The project presents an opportunity to ensure strong, well-designed connections between Stratford Town Centre and the growing social, cultural and economic assets of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its neighbouring communities across East London. In doing so, we hope to unlock a much better interchange around Stratford Railway Station and bring the International station more into play.’ 

For more information on getting to and from Stratford, visit the Trainline website.