Baker pulling freshly baked bread out of an oven at Signorelli Stratford


In celebration of good food and independent restaurants in Stratford we had a chat with local success story, Signorelli. They have recently opened a new venue at International Quarter London, located at 15 Endeavour Square. So with three outlets, a catering arm, bread school and loyal foodie following, we asked one half of founding couple, Rebecca Rosmini, a few questions. About her and her husband Alberto’s tastes, their business and how they reach new people – one deliciously baked good at a time.

Where did the idea for Signorelli come from?

After moving to London from Italy, Alberto started baking at home. He’s an agronomist by trade, so grains, flour, bread were a bit of a passion. People started asking questions - neighbours who could smell the baking from our kitchen, friends who had tasted it when round for dinner and we were asked to cater at a few events for people who knew us. It very quickly became clear that we had something that people enjoyed.

What’s your favourite item on the menu? 

There are two – the Nutella Brioche or the brunch focaccia. The latter is a focaccia with spinach throughout and an egg baked into the centre.

What’s your favourite meal of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner?

For me – it’s brunch. For Alberto – it’s breakfast, so long as it’s savoury. A staple is focaccia dipped in his coffee.

To a customer who had never visited you before – what would surprise them most about Signorelli?

Probably that everything is baked and made from scratch on site, fresh, every day. We have no central kitchen and we use no chemicals or additives you’d expect to see in an industrial kitchen. We also source locally and we’re proud to use London made raw goods. You could hypothetically take one of our recipes, use ingredients from your local farmers’ market and make it at home. Although (of course) we’d like to save you the hassle. We believe there’s something special about the way we bake. We want to share our knowledge n food and wellbeing with our customers.

You’ve chosen Stratford as home for your business. What do you think is special about the area?

I remember the first visit we made to Stratford, when we were starting off and looking for the perfect location for our first bakery. It was pre-development but Alberto could see the potential. He liked the open space and the way the sun was rising (bakers have to appreciate early mornings). We could see at that moment that it would be a nice environment for our people to work in.
Everything Alberto does is about leading a happy, healthy life. Our food is good, we value conversation and encourage visitors to take a moment for themselves. We didn’t want to sell that from a busy London road. We feel part of the community in Stratford and with our new spaces at IQL, we want to bring that same ethos to those who work in a busy, corporate environment.

What are the best pieces of advice you could give to other independent businesses?

1. Appreciate the friends and family around you who can support you through the journey. It’s tough sometimes but people who lend a hand in any way they can make those tricky days a little easier.
2. Have a business partner. There could be days where I’m flat after putting the hours in, and Alberto will come home and say “Hey – today was a GOOD bake. Really good.”. The balance and perspective that comes from having another person on your journey is invaluable.
3. Appreciate that running your own business is a lifestyle choice. Some months will be difficult, others will be great. You do it because you’re in it for the long run. Because it’s something you care about and want to share.

Find out more about Signorelli Stratford or do the taste test for yourself at any one of their locations. We promise you won’t be disappointed.