A pink blossom tree

The new Blossom Garden at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Blossom Garden has been created, in part, as a memorial for the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a place that’s quiet and calm, somewhere to take a moment to reflect; whether it’s for lost loved ones or for the emergency workers who risk their lives each day to help others.


You’ll find the Blossom Garden at the north side of the park, bordered by the natural boundary of the green space to create a haven away from the hustle and bustle of Stratford. Within the Blossom Garden there are 33 trees, one for each of the London boroughs, including the City of London. The trees are grouped into three circles and are made up of around eight different species, including hawthorn, cherry, cherry plum and crab apple blossom – all of which will flower beautifully each spring. Soon, the Blossom Garden will encourage even more wildlife to the area, as it becomes a natural habitat for local species of bird and insect and improves Stratford’s overall biodiversity.


The design of the Blossom Garden was influenced by the local community. Thehealthy green lawns and planting beds add a colourful backdrop while 33 pieces of recycled concrete and reclaimed timber create a path through the garden – to the finest detail, designed with sustainability in mind.


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park itself has been a key part of Stratford’s regeneration since the 2012 Olympic Games. It has brought over 560 acres of rolling green space, world class sporting facilities, not only to Stratford but to London as a whole. It’s become a place for local communities to gather, residents to wander, local workers to spend their lunchtime, or tourists to visit - reliving the excitement of the Olympic games all over again. And this latest addition just goes to show that Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s green infrastructure is something that will continue to be developed in line with the wants and needs of Stratford’s residents.  


Moments away from the Blossom Garden, you’ll find the Stratford park’s Timber Lodge Café, an ideal place to pick up a coffee or a light lunch. In the warmer months, why not take your lunch al fresco and explore the Blossom Garden for yourself. Or if you’re visiting Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for one of their many events, take a detour and spend half an hour exploring the scenery.


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