A train station platform


Train services have been reduced

Thanks to the majority of Londoners observing the law, buses and trains have reportedly seen an 85-90% drop in users, making it much safer to travel without the risk of unnecessary contact. As a result of many members of TFL staff unable to come to work, both national rail services into London and tube services are operating at a frequency of less than 70% of their usual frequency, so it’s important to stay on top of the new timetable.

Early morning trains are increasing

“We are running as many trains in the early morning as possible,” writes Mike Brown, addressing dangerous levels of over-crowding on rush-hour trains full of essential workers. “There has been crowding on some sections of the Tube at these times as London has adapted to our new ways of working. We have dealt with this by making some changes to these morning services, by applying station control measures and by working with 500 British Transport Police officers while also encouraging people to spread their time of travel. We are working with national rail services to ensure we manage crowding hotspots together too,” continues Brown.

All TFL and Crossrail construction is on pause

Owing to the aforementioned staff cut down, any TFL and Crossrail construction work is also being temporarily put on pause. While this may cause inconvenience to those waiting for a certain station or line to become available again, the government have ruled that it’s the best way forward for the time being. As far as we know, this does not impact Stratford International Station.

Season ticket refunds are being issued

Brown writes that refunds for season ticket holders of travel to, from and beyond Stratford International Station are being processed as quickly as possible and that the usual redemption fee of £5 is being waived for all. 

Rent is being excused for businesses inside stations

“We've sought to support the small and medium-sized companies that make up 86 per cent of the businesses on our transport network by giving them 100 per cent rent relief for the next three months,” says Brown. “My message remains simple: the threat you pose to London when you make an unnecessary journey is real. No one should be travelling unless you are a critical worker making an absolutely essential journey.”
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