A delivery lorry on the motorway

Get your groceries delivered in Stratford, London

Waitrose – not offering grocery delivery in London, or anywhere

Your nearest: 
Stratford City, The Arcade, E20 1EH  020 8534 3986

For the time being, delivery is not available due to the immense demand for the service. However, the shop is open as normal, and the first opening hour is dedicated to elderly and vulnerable shoppers – including carers. Waitrose have also put a number of safety measures in place, such as floor signage to indicate the appropriate distance to stay apart from one another, and by limiting the number of customers in store at any one time. Each store is amending opening hours to ensure the shelves are stocked up, so you’re best to check in with them before visiting. 

Tesco – no grocery delivery in London or click and collect slots available 

Your Nearest:
Stratford High Street Express Store, 150 High Street, Stratford, E15 2NE  0345 671 9595
Leytonstone Road Express Store, 99-105 Leytonstone Road, Leytonstone, E15 1JA 0345 026 9885
Stratford Express Store, 120 Romford Road, Stratford E15 4EH 0345 674 6438
Bromley By Bow Superstore, Hancock Road, Bow, E3 3DA 0345 688 9085

Unfortunately, there are no grocery delivery slots in London, or click and collect slots available for the next three weeks. However, all stores, with the exception of Express stores, are prioritising elderly and vulnerable customers on certain days and times. 

ASDA – it’s not looking likely but keep trying!

Your Nearest:
Leyton Mills Superstore, Marshall Road, Leyton, E10 5NH 020 8988 8300

We tried to hop onto their website to look at their grocery delivery in London service and their click and collect service…but we were added to a queue. Rest assured, though – we did eventually get the option for home delivery, but there were no slots available at that point in time. Keep trying, though!  

ASDA is also placing restrictions on buying online and in store – at most, you can purchase essential items in quantities of three. When visiting stores, be advised that opening hours have been reduced to 8am – 8pm to accommodate for stock replenishment. They have also spaced out 2m markings across the store to ensure we’re all kept safe when shopping.

LIDL – they have never delivered 

Your Nearest:
41-42 Stratford Centre, Stratford, E15 1XE 

LIDL have never delivered anywhere, but they’re still keen to keep their customers and staff safe. They have altered their opening hours for each store, put quantity limitations in place, and they’ve installed cough and sneeze proof screens at checkouts. Their stores are restocked every single day, and they urge customers to remember: “That item you want to buy ‘just in case’ might be essential for someone more vulnerable who can’t visit the store multiple times.

ALDI – delivering, kind of

Your Nearest:
18 Heybridge Way, Leyton, E10 7NQ

Ok, so you can get grocery delivery in London… kind of. You can order from Aldi’s Special Buys section, the Everyday collection, and the Wine & Spirits section. Projector screens, home humidifiers, steam cleaners, coffee pods, batteries, skin care, white wine…it can all be delivered! The only thing they can’t deliver is food, unfortunately. 

All Aldi stores close at 8pm to ensure shelves are filled up, and they’ve put a lot of extra measures in place too, including emergency service shopping hours. 

Sainsbury’s – no new online customers 

Your Nearest:
Stratford East Village Local, 50 Celebration Avenue, E20 1DB 020 8534 7293 
Stratford Superstore, 38-40 The Mall, The Stratford Centre, E15 1XE 020 8534 7597 

Sainsbury’s is continuing with grocery delivery in London for existing customers only. So, if you are an existing customer – log in as usual! The good news is Sainsbury’s has got in touch with 270,000 of their customers who they could identify as being disabled, elderly, or otherwise vulnerable, and is prioritising delivery for them. They’ve already booked in 115,000 slots for these customers!
If you are not an existing customer, they are still open as usual – with slightly amended opening hours. 

Morrisons – they are delivering!

Your Nearest:
The Grove, Stratford, E15 1HP 020 8555 0518

Great news, we can deliver to your area.” Finally! Morrisons is offering grocery delivery in London and around the Stratford area, however - the service is in extremely high demand. Expect some loading time on their website. 

If you’re not fussy and you need to get the essentials, Morrisons is also doing Food Boxes for £30, with a £5 delivery charge. You can choose between a Veggie Box and a Meat Eaters Box – and each box varies depending on the produce available each day. They sell out fast, so be quick! 
If you are popping out to your local Morrisons, rest assured that they have put the necessary measures in place to protect you and their staff.

Iceland – delivering to those that really need it 

Your Nearest:
74-76 The Mall, The Stratford Centre, E15 1XA 

The good news is, Iceland is delivering. When you visit Iceland’s website a notice pops up:
…we're temporarily limiting online orders to customers who are over state pension age, self-isolating and other vulnerable people, such as the disabled. If you aren't over state pension age and can get to one of our stores, we kindly ask that you use our Store Locator to find your local Iceland and complete your shop there.

If you really need it, they will prioritise you – but if you are fit and able to get into store, they ask that you do so. Seems fair to us! 

Other retailers that are not providing grocery delivery in London

M&S: No food to order deliveries for the time being.

Co-Op: Severe service restrictions are in place, making it unlikely to get a grocery delivery in London from the Co-Op. Where delivery is available, you can order a maximum of 20 items. You can always try!