A slice of cake in a bowl

What's On the Menu at Heavenly Desserts

Rounding up some of the tastiest desserts from around the world, you face a tough decision when first looking at the menu. Here’s a round up of some of just what’s on offer at the Stratford store…

Waffles & crêpes

The menu begins with the tantalising “signature creations”. Choose from American or Belgian waffles, or crêpes, then pick your selection of toppings. We adore the, I’ll have what he’s having, which features fresh strawberries, warm white chocolate sauce served up with Caribbean coconut gelato.

World flavours

Moving on to more exotic options, mochi balls in flavours like alphonso mango and honey roasted pistachio make for the perfect accompaniment to any dessert, while the traditional middle eastern dish Kunafah, offers up a warm pastry-encased cheese drizzled with syrup and topped with crumbled pistachio and nougat gelato.

Cookie dough

Next up we have the crowd pleaser; the warm bowl of gooey goodness that warms the hearts of pudding lovers all over – cookie dough. These dishes, again, feature a range of toppings as well as a variety of fillings. Take the Rocher Royale as an example: chocolate chip cookie dough, filled with Nutella and finished off with a scoop of hazelnut gelato and sprinkled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates.


Is there a more decadent dessert than a rich and creamy cheesecake? Choose from flavours like Biscoff, red velvet, or Madagascan vanilla on a variety of biscuity crumb bases. Top it off with cream or choose a sauce for some extra drizzle.

Cakes & Tartes

Brownies, soufflés, cakes, tartes and sponges – all doused and peppered with deliciously sweet fillings, topped off with cream or custard. Here you’ll find old favourites like sticky toffee pudding, profiteroles and Victoria sponge. If you haven’t had sponge cake before with creamy custard and a dollop of fruity jam – we highly recommend you give it a try!

Sundaes, gelatos & fondue

Sometimes the gooey, runny desserts are the tastiest. Heavenly Desserts London serves up deliciously manicured sundaes and a fabulous selection of Italian ices. Balancing gelatos that pack a flavourful punch with various textures and toppings makes for a delightful treat. And since sharing is caring, why not try the fondue for two? You can choose between Nutella, Belgian milk chocolate, Belgian white chocolate, or fudge sauce for the fondue itself, as well as selecting what ingredients you’d like to dip.

Wash it all down…

The selection of drinks is quite as inspiring as the desserts on offer. Milkshakes, “chocolate shots”, specialist coffees, teas and craft lemonades mean that there’s as just as much flavour to be enjoyed with your choice of beverage. The one that’s on our list to try is the Iced Rose and Lychee Latte; gloriously pink in colour, this iced drink uses arabica coffee, and rose syrup for a refreshingly sweet hit of caffeine.

So next time your friend suggests lunch, why not indulge in something sweet instead? The interiors are decadent, the service fabulous and the menu, quite simply tantalising. With vegan and gluten-free options available, there’s something to suit all dietary requirements. They also often offer an NHS discount, so check with your local store for more information if this applies to you. We say go as a group, each order something different and explore the menu. You might just find a new-found favourite!

You can find Heavenly Desserts Stratford at 3-4 Endeavour Square, International Quarter London.