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Loose Connections - Caprice, Nursery Administrator at Tamba

In celebration of our loose connections and the wonderful benefits they bring to our lives, we’re interviewing some of the very important people that you might meet if you work, live or visit Stratford.

Tamba Day Nursery has been operating for over 17 years with a committed and experienced team, who are passionate and dedicated in making a difference in children’s lives. Their latest branch is situated minutes from Stratford Station and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We caught up with Caprice, Nursery Administrator.

Hi Caprice! Thanks so much for speaking to us. What’s the most fun part of your day at the nursery?

The most fun part of my day is simply just seeing the bond that I have built with my key children, seeing them progress especially when they partake in a new activity that they haven’t been introduced to yet because it’s so nice witnessing their excitement and curiosity.

And your favourite activity to do with the kids? 

My favourite part of the day is registration or circle time where I am most able to see what the children have learnt, assess their progression by providing them with a lot of different learning opportunities e.g maths by counting the days/ culture by singing hello in different languages. 


What would you say makes your team exceptional?

My team are exceptional as they are providing our future generations with the best start in life.  

"My team are exceptional as they are providing our future generations with the best start in life."

Where’s your favourite after-work haunt in Stratford? 

My favourite thing to do after work is some retail therapy or a bite to eat with friends and family in Westfield.  


Something that makes you smile? 



Something you love to look at?


Tell us a topic or theme people can talk to you about.



Now, time for a quick-fire round…

Pencils or paint? Paint

Outdoors or indoors? Outdoors

Christmas or new year? Christmas

Underground or Overground? Overground

Vacation or staycation? Vacation

Concert or theatre? Concert

Soup or sandwich? Sandwich

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

Flowers or house plants? Flowers


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