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Loose Connections - Rebecca, Founder of Signorelli

In celebration of our loose connections and the wonderful benefits they bring to our lives, we’re interviewing some of the very important people that you might meet if you work, live or visit Stratford.

Rebecca is the founder of Italian artisan bakery Signorelli, which switches from traditional bakes in the morning to tasting platters later in the day. Bread is baked daily, plus the café serves up weekend brunches alongside Prosecco cocktails and bottled beer.

Hi Laura! If you had five words in which to sum up Signorelli, which would they be?

Family /Artisan /community/ cake /coffee.

What would you say makes your team exceptional?

We really care about what we do, we go above and beyond to make sure we are providing wholesome food that is sourced locally and made by hand. We never compromise on quality and work incredibly hard. 


We can certainly attest to that. Next up, how do you take your eggs in the morning? 

I like Signorelli toasted focaccia with a fried egg, served with homemade roasted red pepper sauce, grated Parmesan, and olive oil from Alberto, my hometown in Italy. 

Sounds delicious. What’s your favourite day of the week?

Saturday. In the last 12 months, we have dedicated it to family time.


"We really care about what we do... We never compromise on quality and work incredibly hard."

And your favourite item on the menu? 

Our super veggie focaccia and our toasted banana bread. (See the menu here.)

Next place you want to visit? 

Italy’s Amalfi coast.


Can you tell us something you love about Stratford?

The canal walks and amazing food offerings.

Tell us a topic you could talk endlessly about.

Female empowerment for the next generations, rather enjoyed the bold type during lock down.  


Some quick-fire questions…

Cake or ice cream? Cake

Walk or run? Walk 

Shop online or in-store? In store

Dance or sing? Dance

Tik-tok or Instagram? Insta 

Wine or gin? Wine

Cat or dog? Cat

Summer or Winter? Summer 

Book or podcast? Podcast