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Loose Connections - Manuela, Community Manager at IQL

In celebration of our loose connections and the wonderful benefits they bring to our lives, we’re interviewing some of the very important people that you might meet if you work, live or visit Stratford.

Meet the friendly faces of Workable, Manuela (Community Manager) and Flavia (Workable Operative) who are there to meet and greet visitors. Whether you’re planning on hosting an event, holding an important meeting or just need somewhere quiet to get your work done, the team are always on hand to make your time at Workable an enjoyable one. Read our chat with Manuela below.

Hi Manuela! How do you start your day at Workable? 

[I always start] with a nice espresso. I cannot start my day if I don’t drink a nice espresso first; and the coffee served at Workable is Italian-approved quality. 


And what’s your morning commute like?

I am one of the lucky ones that can walk to work. I have 30-minute commute from my house to Workable through Victoria Park, Hertford Union Canal and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. One of my favourites walks ever.


What’s something you’re looking forward to?

Christmas and summer, two of the best times ever. Christmas is family [time] and summer, party [time]. 


And the last thing you read?

[An issue of the magazine] Glamour from August. Sometimes I love fashion. 

"The view from Workable has the best skyline I have ever seen and I will never get used to it."


Name something you love about the view from Workable.

[The] London skyline. The best skyline I have ever seen and will never get used to it.

What would you say makes your team exceptional?

That we are only women... At least for now.

What's something you could talk endlessly about?

I am a foodie and I love travelling, so if you ever want to get me talking, these are my two favourite topics.

Can you tell us somewhere you enjoyed visiting in Stratford recently?

The London 2012 Olympic Rings.

Time for some quick-fire questions…

Fizzy or flat? – Fizzy

Stripes or spots? – Stripes

Home-working or office? – Office 4 days a week and 1 day working from home

Too hot or too cold? – Too Hot

Money or fame? – Money

Sweet or salty? – Salty

Breakfast or dinner? – Dinner

Comedy or drama? - Comedy

Early mornings or late nights? – Late nights, always late nights