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Loose Connections - Kane, Building Manager at Glasshouse Gardens

In celebration of our loose connections and the wonderful benefits they bring to our lives, we’re interviewing some of the very important people that you might meet if you work, live or visit Stratford.

Kane is the Building Manager at Glasshouse Gardens, a selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments that feature panoramic views of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP) and beyond.

Hi Kane! Can you tell us a little about your role at IQL?

I am the Building Manager for Glasshouse Gardens, working for Mainstay on behalf of Lendlease. I ensure that all Health and safety aspects, as well as compliance and general maintenance, are taken care of. I have a team of 6 concierges who work to a rota that involves a 24-hour service. We always aim to provide the best support and service to the residents and do so with a smile. I’m also responsible for keeping our residents informed about the many great events and news [updates] across IQL.


What’s something special about living in Stratford?

As somebody that has grown up in Newham, working in Stratford is special because I get to see how the area has developed over the years and how the area is a shining light of Olympic legacy.


Name someone who inspires you.

Somebody who inspires me is my older brother.

And the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is having the opportunity to be of help to people.


What’s something you couldn’t live without?



“Our team is exceptional because we all work hard for each other and like each other’s company.”

Tell us something people could talk to you about to no end.

People can talk to me about history, I love all kinds of history and culture and am quite knowledgeable about world history.

Is there something you’d love to learn how to do?

I would love to learn another language.


What makes your team exceptional?

Our team is exceptional because we all work hard for each other and like each other’s company.

Thanks Kane. Finally, some quick-fire questions…

Slushy or milkshake? Milkshake

Top floor or ground floor? Top floor

Bright and airy or cosy and atmospheric? Cosy and atmospheric

Sauce on top or on the side? On top

Karaoke or sing in the shower? Karaoke

Flying or invisibility? Flying

Fruit or veg? Fruit

Fact or fiction? Fact

Style or comfort? Comfort