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Loose Connections - Daniel, Experience Host at IQL

In celebration of our loose connections and the wonderful benefits they bring to our lives, we’re interviewing some of the very important people that you might meet if you work, live or visit Stratford.

Daniel is one of the Experience Hosts here at IQL, here to make visitors, occupiers and people who work here feel entirely welcome by providing a friendly face whenever required!

Hi Daniel! Tell us a bit about your role here at IQL?

Primarily, my role is customer engagement, so meeting with occupiers, retailers and members of the general public coming onto the Estate. I am mainly situated on Endeavour square as that’s where the main flow of people comes through IQL. This makes sure that way-finding questions and queries are attended to. I also communicate and build relationships with our occupiers, to be that friendly face that welcomes them when they come to work!

And what’s the best part of your working day?

I love to engage with the public, everyone is different so each interaction is never the same which is great. It does allow me to sharpen my customer service skills and also create long lasting rapport with the local community. Also, working with the IQL team and engaging with friends that I have made on site has been a great benefit of my role.


What would you say makes your team exceptional?

The great thing about our team is that we all respect each other and have fun when we are out on the estate. The team communicates well together when any potential issues arise, and we recognise the duty of care we have for one another which creates a strong bond.


Had you visited Stratford before you started working here?

Yes! I live 30-minutes away by foot, so I know the Stratford area. I was also part of the initial concierge team that opened the Westfield Stratford shopping centre in 2011. I was present when the 2012 Olympics came to Stratford; when Rihanna switched on the Christmas lights; and when West Ham football team moved to the stadium, so I have been quite familiar with Stratford for the past decade!


Do you have a favourite local spot? A lunch place, or somewhere you visit a lot?

I love the food at Busaba Eathai, their food is so tasty and their Calamari - one of a kind. They have a nice setup which sets the mood. Tonkotsu’s chilli chicken ramen is also another dish I have grown fond of -  a great discovery since working at IQL.



"I love to engage with the public, everyone is different so each interaction is never the same."


Tell us something you’re excited about?

The Pavilion is now open! Which is incredible given that I’ve watched its development since 2020. It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see how it attracts the general public when their doors open to welcome the masses. I am also excited for the development of the East Bank project, in terms of seeing the buildings come into view: BBC Music, Sadler Wells, The V&A, UAL (London College of Fashion).


And what’s something people have to do when visiting Stratford?

People can of course come to IQL to visit our wonderful retailers: Tonkotsu, Figo, Signorelli, Pret, Heavenly Desserts, Itsu and now – Haugen. Westfield also has great spots to eat, as well as entertainment spots like Vue Cinema and All Star Lanes. Not to forget the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where you have the Orbit, the play area for kids, and overall it’s a great place for a day out with the family.


Tell us something people can talk to you about?

One of the most common things I hear is, “What is that building being built?” (referring to the Pavilion), which is always great to talk about because it catches everyone’s attention when they walk past. In addition to this, people talk about how Stratford has changed so much, the development and opportunities that are being created for the local community.


Now, time for a quick-fire round…

Swimming or cycling? Cycling.

Park or shopping? Shopping.

Sweet or savoury? Sweet.

Call or text? Call.

Burger or pizza? Pizza.

Lift or stairs? Stairs.

Summer or winter? Summer.

Tea or coffee? Tea.

Eat in or eat out? Eat in.