Looking forward to 2020’s London Wing Fest? A celebration of good food, great music and entertainment into the night?

The last two years have seen thousands of people descend on Stratford as some of the nation’s most esteemed chicken wing chefs battled to be declared the nation’s best.

What is Wing Fest, the Chicken Wings Festival?

Celebrate the tasty chicken wing at London Wing Fest. The chicken wings festival is the largest festival of its kind, giving you the chance to try hundreds of different wing combinations. 10,000 lucky ticket holders will vote for their favourite wing to win!

In 2019 the London Wing Fest served up 120,000 wings from 35 different street vendors, restaurants and BBQ experts. That's a lot of wings to try! 

Do you have what it takes to vote for the best at the London Wing Fest? Ticket information will be coming soon, so check back for more information soon.

Wing Fest 2020, tickets and more

The London Wing Fest will return to Stratford for 2020, offering 10,000 lucky ticket holders and a judging panel decide who will be crowned king of the wings.

Keep your eyes peeled here or visit the London Wing Fest website for more information on tickets coming soon.