If you’ve got a tech obsessed little one, you’re a budding coder, or you just want to improve your photography and video skills on your Apple product, you should check out the Today at Apple free in-store sessions at the Apple Store Stratford in Westfield. 

Across Photography, Video, Music, Art & Design, Health & Fitness and Coding, there are Today at Apple sessions specifically for kids and for adults. Each has a key theme where you can learn the necessary skills through hands-on tuition from an Apple Genius.

Take a look at the list, find one for you, and check the next available time on the Apple Store Stratford website.

For kids
Photo Lab: Fun Family Portraits
For adults
Photo Lab: Crafting your shot with Chase Jarvis
Photo Skills: Photography on iPhone
Photo Skills: Editing Techniques
Photo Walk: Framing Architecture

For kids
Video Lab: Making a Movie Trailer

For adults
Video Skills: Recording Techniques with iPhone
Video Skills: Getting Started with iMovie
Video Lab: Small Screen Magic with Zach King
Video Skills: Storytelling with Clips
Video Walk: Capturing Cinematic Shots

For kids
Music Lab: Making a theme song

For adults
Music Skills: Getting Started with GarageBand
Music Skills: Drum Patterns with GarageBand
Music Skills: Notes and Chords with GarageBand
Music Walk: Creating Soundscapes with GarageBand
Music Lab: Beat Making with Swizzled Beatz

For kids
Coding Lab: Sphero Robot Obstacle Challenge

For adults
Coding Skills: Programming Robots with Swift Playgrounds

Art & Design
For kids
Art Lab: Make your own Emoji

For adults
Art Skills: Getting Started with Procreate
Art Skills: Perspective with Morpholio Trace
Art Skills: Sketching Ideas in Notes
Design Lab: Drawing Treehouses with Foster + Partners
Art Walk: Discovering Colour

Health & Fitness
For kids and adults
Health & Fitness Walk: Staying Motivated with Jeanette Jenkins
Health & Fitness Skills: Getting started with the Health App