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Elizabeth line journey times to east London

Adding 10% more capacity to London’s rail network, future phases of the new Elizabeth line will make it even easier to travel across London, with just 15 minutes’ travel time between Bond Street and Stratford.

The Elizabeth line stretches from Reading and Heathrow in the west, and tunnels under the city to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. With 10 brand new stations, the new line will serve up to 200 million people each year and stop at 41 accessible stations. But what exactly does this mean for Stratford and east London?


The city’s moving east

The traditional employment base of the centre of London is rapidly moving east, with improved Elizabeth line journey times making travel easier than ever. The new links open up Stratford, one of London’s most dynamic and innovative business neighbourhoods, as a new employment hub for the whole of London.

Think stunning parks, canal walks and world-class facilities set in tree-lined boulevards. And, with the best transport links in the city – Heathrow and the new Elizabeth line Bond Street station are now very easily reached from Stratford – the world is Stratford’s oyster.

IQL Stratford is already one of the best-connected communities in London and, with quicker commutes just around the corner and transport links enabling more meetings in more places, you’ll find everything you need to live, work and feel your best in Stratford.


Elizabeth line opening dates and key journey times

Future phases of the Elizabeth line will make it even easier to travel east from central London. The central section of the line launched on 24th May 2022 with the other sections expected to open in late 2022.

Central section trains currently start from the new Elizabeth line station at Paddington, passing through transport hubs such as Liverpool Street and Canary Wharf to reach Abbey Wood. The east section runs from Liverpool Street through Stratford to Shenfield in Essex, with the west beginning at Paddington before splitting into two lines – one to Maidenhead and Reading and the other to Heathrow Airport.

From Sunday 6th November, however, direct journeys from west to east will become a reality as the lines from Reading, Heathrow, and Shenfield will be connected to the central tunnels of the Elizabeth line. This means people will be able to travel to Stratford without changing at Paddington.
If you’re travelling from Stratford to Heathrow, you’ll be able to travel directly to Paddington, and get to Heathrow Airport without the need to change at Liverpool Street. The total journey time to reach Heathrow from Stratford will be under one hour.

Stratford to Heathrow: Under one hour


Elizabeth line journey times from east London

The Elizabeth Line journey times offered by the new high-speed transport link will connect the western edges of London to those in the east. Three sections will initially operate – in the west between Reading, Heathrow, and Paddington, in the central section between Paddington and Abbey Wood, and in the eastern section between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.

The journey from Stratford to Bond Street is expected to take just 15 minutes on the new line, opening up Stratford as an easily reached employment hub with improved links to the heart of the city.

Stratford to Bond Street: 15 minutes


Elizabeth line journey times from Stratford to Heathrow

During 2022, Elizabeth Line services departing from Stratford can be used to reach Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 via Paddington if you change at Liverpool Street.

According to Transport for London, services from Paddington to Heathrow Airport run every 15 minutes to terminals 2,3 and 4, with journeys taking roughly 29 minutes each way. The whole journey time by this route is just under one hour from Stratford to Heathrow.

When the final timetable is in place, expected to be in 2023, there will be 14 peak trains per hour each way at Stratford which will allow passengers to travel directly through Paddington and Heathrow.