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Crate to Plate to open in Stratford

For those of you who haven’t heard of Crate to Plate, it’s a business with sustainability at its core. Through using portable “farms” and vertical farming, the team is bringing locally grown produce to urbanised areas of London, minimising the transport of produce and maximising freshness. With an existing site at Elephant Park, they’re already bringing crunchy veg and salad to the people and businesses of Elephant & Castle.

Crate to Plate Stratford is aiming to create “15-minute cities” where people living in metropolitan areas have access to food that is grown less than 15 minutes from their doorstep. Everything for sale has been harvested no more than 24 hours beforehand – something that most of us will, probably, never have experienced.

All the crops are grown organically with no need for pesticides in the farming process. The environment inside the farms is controlled so the produce doesn’t depend on the seasons and the farms remain eco-friendly due to using, on average, 95% less water.  Here are just a few of the benefits those consuming Crate to Plate produce will enjoy…

- Better taste

- Higher nutritional value

- Non-GMO

- Reduced food wastage

- Bug free

- Zero-mileage to get your food, to your plate

Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social channels for the latest updates on Crate to Plate Stratford!