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Category A and Category B fit out – which is right for your business?

Looking for office space for your company but unsure what’s right for you? Here we take a look at the difference between Category A office space and Category B office space and the specifications of each, so you can make an informed decision about which is better for your business.
Category A office space and fit out
If an office space has a Category A fit out, it means that the interior space is fitted out with the necessities. It will be fit for purpose from a functionality point of view but not move-in ready. 
In a Category A office space, you can expect to see fully functioning electrical and mechanical services (air conditioning, fire safety systems) as well as painted (usually white) interior walls and basic concrete flooring. In terms of spaces within the office, you’re likely to have functioning lifts (if appropriate) and a lobby area, but little else in terms of meeting areas, kitchens, etc. 
A more general definition of a Category A fit out would be that it gives businesses a fully functioning shell of a space which they can then put their own stamp on – a blank canvas ready to be occupied and styled!
Category B office space and fit out
As can be expected, Category B fit out is the next step along from Category A. 
This type of office space defines the different spaces within the whole area, be it meeting rooms, individual offices, kitchens or dining areas. There will be a floorplan, finished flooring, decorated walls and furniture. 
In many cases, Category B spaces will have branding incorporated into the fit out itself, meaning decoration and furniture within the space is representative of the organisation’s existing aesthetic. 
If Category A office space was a blank canvas – Category B is the finished product, move-in ready. 
So, what’s the difference between Category A and Category B fit out? 
Category A office space is a functional shell which has all the necessary elements of an office space, excluding furniture and dressing. 
Category B office space is a completely functional space that has been styled, decorated, furnished and is entirely ready to fulfil its purpose. 
What sort of office space is available at IQL? 
So, we’ve covered the meaning of different types of office space, but which one would be right for your business? And what’s available at IQL?
There’s a range of factors at play when deciding which office fit out would be best – from the nature of your business to how you plan to use the space, to the budget you’ve got to work with. From simple, minimal fit outs to bespoke, fully furnished offices, there’s a range of workspaces on offer here at IQL.
We believe in working with businesses to help them thrive, whether through our wellbeing initiatives, or by helping them find a space in which they can flourish. If you’re looking for office space, get in touch and see how we can help.