People holding their birdboxes


This week is the culmination of months of work for International Quarter London’s local school, School 21.

For the past three months, year 12 students at Stratford’s School 21 have been working on a Real World Design Challenge with a little help from one of Lendlease’s project teams. The challenge? To design a bird and bat box for IQL’s 2 Redman Place – the soon to be home of Cancer Research UK and The British Council.

The idea behind the project was to give students the experience of tackling challenges in a modern work environment. To help them navigate through the experience, they’ve also received mentoring from IQL tenants Cancer Research UK. The design had to complement the architecture of the building. Students also had to work through various stages of the design process, taking things like function and durability into consideration. Now, they’ve seen their sketches brought to life as prototypes were built in the studio of IQL architects Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners by Clipfine. Each prototype was put on display at a special exhibition on Thursday 4th April and the four bird boxes will now be installed!

This design will now be installed on the roof of 2 Redman Place, where it will provide food and shelter for some of our feathered and flighty friends. Well done and thank you to all who took part!