Three baseballs lined up in a row


This weekend brought two titanic American sport teams to London to battle it out at Stratford’s London Stadium.

The New York Yankees took on the Boston Red Sox in the two-game London Series. Over 100,000 fans went to watch across the weekend, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who accepted baseball themed gifts on behalf of their recent arrival, baby Archie.

So whether you went to the game, fancy it next year, or just want to join in the various baseball related conversations that are undoubtedly cropping up with friends and colleagues, here’s a few bullet points to summarise the weekend’s event.

Saturday 29th June – day one
  •  As far as baseball goes, the first inning was spectacular. It lasted for over an hour and featured 12 runs. Six for each side.
  •  Things then took a turn, as across the next four innings, the Yankees scored another 11 runs, leaving the score at 17-6 at the end of the fifth inning.
  •  The Red Sox weren’t fazed – a home run was followed by a spectacular seventh inning for Boston. A further six runs took the score to 17-13.
  •  The scores stayed right here for the remaining two innings, meaning the Yankees were crowned the winners.
  •  To celebrate the Yankees’ win in true American style, there were fireworks set to the backdrop of Sinatra’s “New York, New York”.
  •  In keeping with tradition, there was even a marriage proposal in Saturday’s crowd. Good news – she said yes!
Sunday 30th June – day two
  • It started with a first for the Boston Red Sox. Their first three-run homer in the first inning in 40 years.
  • The Yankees almost drew even in the second inning, but narrowly missed.
  • The third, fourth, fifth and sixth innings were devoid of runs, as a more tactical game took place. In short it was all about the pitching. But now the Yankees had three innings left in which to pull something out of the bag.
  • The seventh inning brought the Yankee magic fans have been used to this season flipping a 2-4 loss into an 11-4 lead. They managed a nine-run seventh inning which secured the final win of 12-8 for the New York Yankees.
  • This win for the Yankees means they have now won 13 of their last 14 fixtures.

The London Series is a new fixture in the American Major League programme, bringing the sport to new audiences in Europe. The London Series 2020 has already been confirmed. On 13th and 14th June 2020 the St Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs will go head to head, again at Stratford’s London Stadium.

Visit the London Series’ event website for more info and to register for the latest updates or discover upcoming London Stadium events.