Someone jogging outside


During this uncertain time physical and mental health is on everyone’s mind. In fact, according to the ONS just over 50% of adults have stated that the coronavirus has impacted their wellbeing.
But, if you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown in Stratford, here are our top tips for helping you stay well.
1. Exercise
Exercise – it’s the most common tip you’ll see, but exercise is proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. So why not try some of the new cycle and footpaths around IQL? There’s 35km of them so you won’t get bored! Or check out our article on the best walks in Stratford.

2. Get some green time in
Not only is greenery good for the planet but it’s good at reducing symptoms of depression. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has 560 acres of accessible park land with 6,000 new trees and 300,000 wetland plants. So, take advantage and spend more time around the greener places in Stratford.

3. Eat healthily
Keeping a balanced and healthy diet is really important so if you’re missing out on your fruit and veg make sure you check out Signorelli Pantry. Signorelli, an independent Italian bakery, has started an online shop with collection and delivery options to give you access to the fresh produce you need to keep you fighting fit.

4. Volunteering
If you’re finding you have some excess time why not volunteer? Active Newham are calling out for people to #HelpNewham. Volunteering can help give us a sense of purpose and puts as smile on your face, all in all it has a massively positively impact on our mental wellbeing.

5. Need a new adventure?
Need a new adventure? Newham Libraries are offering e-Library services where you can sign up for your membership online. Grabbing a new page turner can help keep our brains engaged and focused, it also allows us a little bit of escapism for a good mental break.