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01 Jul 2022

Alan Turing: A Biography

The Turing Building is a workplace that fosters human connection. Alan Turing understood this – it’s why we named our building after him. Here’s his biography.

18 May 2022

Best places to eat in Stratford

Heading east and wondering where to enjoy some good food? Here’s a list of the best places to eat in Stratford.

09 May 2022

Innovation ideas to keep your office feeling refreshed

The office isn’t just a space; it’s a community and culture. Here’s a few of the best office innovation ideas to keep your “office” refreshed and inspired.

03 May 2022

Category A and Category B fit out – which is right for your business?

In this article we explain the differences between Category A office space and Category B office space so that you can work out which is right for you.

26 Apr 2022

Five reasons to choose a Stratford office space

Stratford is a great place to work, with exceptional connectivity and leisure options. Here’s 5 reasons why you should choose Stratford for your office space.

20 Apr 2022

The best places for after work drinks in Stratford

If you’re looking to socialise with colleagues, here’s a list of places you should try - our round up of the best spots for after work drinks in Stratford.

15 Apr 2022

Places to walk in London, from Stratford

As the weather improves and holidays approach, there's no better time to get outside. Here's a summary of places to walk in London, accessible from Stratford.

12 Apr 2022

The best bowling venues near Stratford

It's not just for little ones - sometimes a night knocking down pins with friends is exactly what's needed. Here are the best places for Stratford bowling.

06 Apr 2022

Discover the Turing Building at IQL

Looking for an office to lease in Stratford, London? Allow us to shed some light on the latest part of the IQL development, the Turing Building.

02 Apr 2022

The evolution of the office

Ever wondered what the history of office working looks like? When and where was the office created? We take a look at the evolution of office space.

31 Mar 2022

Things to do with the kids in Stratford

Looking for things to do for kids in Stratford? Here’s a round-up of the best ways to entertain little ones in East London.

29 Mar 2022

What's on at Stratford East

How excited are we about our return to the theatre? And there’s no better place to relish live entertainment than Stratford East. Here’s what’s on.

17 Mar 2022

RunTalkRun comes to Stratford

RunTalkRun, the much-loved running club that also encourages participants to look after their wellbeing has come to Stratford, London – starting at IQL.

28 Feb 2022

Finally – it’s time to return to the office

It’s happening! As employees across London begin to return to the office, we take a look at all the good things office life gives us.

22 Feb 2022

The advantages of hybrid working

In a post-COVID world where many London companies are adopting new ways of working, we look at hybrid working advantages and models within the workplace.

15 Feb 2022

The five best things about working in Stratford London

Everything’s moving East – here are five of the best things about working in Stratford London.

15 Feb 2022

Coming together with events at IQL

The return to the office brings us back together with friends and colleagues. We’ve got heaps planned for you to enjoy together at IQL.

11 Feb 2022

Birdwatching in Stratford

Throughout the lifespan of our community here at IQL, we’ve built in birdboxes, green roofs, and planting to improve the neighbourhood’s biodiversity. Here's a run down of the best places to birdwatch in Stratford.

03 Feb 2022

Workplace Wellbeing: Considerations for the coming year

It could be the biggest change companies make in 2022. Off the back of COVID, we look at the importance of workplace wellbeing in London offices.

02 Feb 2022

Where to run in London: A Stratford guide

Wondering where to run in London’s Stratford area? Here are a few of our favourite running routes in the East of the City.

27 Jan 2022

How to be more sustainable in the office

Sustainability is built not just into the bricks of our offices, but what organisations and employees do. Here’s some ideas that might inspire you.

26 Jan 2022

Connection in our workspaces: An insight from our workplace futures lead

How important is a sense of connection in our workspaces? Very. Rachel Edwards examines some ‘office of the future trends’ to create more productive teams.

19 Jan 2022

Loose Connections - Isabelle, Community Manager at Equiem

Isabelle is a Community Manager at Equiem, our partner tenant experience platform here at IQL. She tells us what she loves about Stratford and her role.

24 Dec 2021

Why IQL buildings are amongst the most eco-friendly office spaces in London

Searching for an office? With a number of eco-friendly office spaces in London to choose from, here’s why our workplaces at IQL stand out.

24 Dec 2021

Where to eat in Stratford: Subtle Sophistication

Looking for somewhere sophisticated for a special occasion or just a nice dinner? Here’s our recommendations for where to eat in Stratford.

10 Dec 2021

The Stratford Skyline: Buildings around Stratford London

Since the 2012 Olympics, the skyline of East London has changed dramatically. Here are some of the newer buildings you’ll now find around Stratford London.

08 Dec 2021

YEA! Young Entrepreneurs Alliance - Apply today!

Lendlease supports Young Entrepreneurs Alliance. A community of events, workshops and jobs in Stratford London. Apply today! Applications open until Dec 22.

03 Dec 2021

What's on at the Rosetta Arts Centre London

Discover children's art workshops East London and art classes in East London at the Rosetta Arts Centre London.

02 Dec 2021

What Workers Want - And How IQL Measures Up

The Equiem Global Office Survey has been completed and the results are out. Here’ how IQL measures up to the desires of the modern office worker.

25 Nov 2021

Restaurant in East London giving all profits to charity

See how delivery service Fit Kitchen are helping the local community and donating profits during COVID-19.

25 Nov 2021

​Sadler’s Wells new Hip Hop Academy coming to Stratford

With the first intake of students taking place in 2024, Sadler’s Wells Stratford is set to open a new Hip Hop Academy in East London.

23 Nov 2021

What Does "Green Office Space" Really Look Like?

Our office buildings are amongst some of the most sustainable in London. But what does “green office space” actually mean? Let us explain.

15 Nov 2021

Green Elf Trees – Delivering real Christmas trees and helping a charity of your choice!

GreenElfTrees have partnered with a top-quality Christmas Tree grower from the South West to supply families with their perfect piece of Christmas cheer.

25 Oct 2021

Loose Connections - Jess at Tonkotsu

We talk to Jess at Tonkotsu London about the food, her colleagues and her favourite Stratford spots.

22 Oct 2021

What's On the Menu at Heavenly Desserts

Got a sweet tooth? Heavenly Desserts London has a menu full of delicious pudding-based dishes.

16 Oct 2021

Christmas in Stratford - What's Happening at IQL

Time to start feeling festive! Here’s a round up of everything Christmassy taking place right here at IQL.

15 Oct 2021

Loose Connections - Caprice, Nursery Administrator at Tamba

Tamba Day Nursery has been operating for over 17 years, who are passionate in making a difference in children’s lives.

12 Oct 2021

Our Favourite Restaurants in Stratford London

East London is an area full of independent eateries and arguably some of the city’s best have set up shop here. Here’s a roundup of our favourite restaurants in Stratford London.

11 Oct 2021

Loose Connections - Mike at Figo London

We caught up with Mike at Figo London, Figo restaurant. Read our chat here.

01 Oct 2021

Haugen opens up at IQL

Haugen is now open in Stratford. IQL’s Pavilion has been transformed into an Alpine retreat, serving up casual and fine dining across three floors.

30 Sep 2021

Loose Connections - Kane, Building Manager at Glasshouse Gardens

Kane is the Building Manager at Glasshouse Gardens, overlooking QEOP. Read our chat here.

29 Sep 2021

Crate to Plate to open in Stratford

Crate to Plate Stratford will soon be based right here at IQL. Launching at the end of summer, you’ll be able to purchase produce grown right here in Stratford.

24 Sep 2021

Loose Connections - Rebecca, Founder of Signorelli

Rebecca is founder of, and head of events at, Signorelli Stratford. Read our chat about the Italian bakery.

18 Sep 2021

Introducing The Orchard at IQL

The Orchard at IQL is a collection of fruit and evergreen trees at the heart of Endeavour Square. Introducing the Climate Innovation District London.

13 Sep 2021

Loose Connections - Manuela, Community Manager at IQL

Manuela is a Community Manager here at IQL, here to meet and greet visitors.

08 Sep 2021

The ABBA Arena is coming to Stratford

The new Abba Arena in London is to open at none other than our neighbour, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Here’s everything we know so far…

06 Sep 2021

Loose Connections - Daniel, Experience Host at IQL

Daniel is one of the Experience Hosts here at IQL, here to make visitors, occupiers and people who work here feel entirely welcome.

03 Sep 2021

Celebrating our "Loose Connections"

We’ve interviewed people from across IQL - from our buildings, restaurants, outdoor spaces – about their own connections to Stratford

02 Sep 2021

Fashion District Festival: A celebration of innovation and sustainability in fashion in IQL Stratford

Fashion District Festival: celebrating innovation and sustainability in fashion in the heart of IQL Stratford.

02 Sep 2021

Workable serves up flexible work and event space to Stratford

Workable at IQL offers flexible office space in London, complete with incredible views and first-class amenities. Even better – it’s back open for business.

27 Aug 2021

The Climate Crisis is Centre Stage at IQL Summer Screen

The Climate Crisis is Centre Stage at IQL Summer Screen. Visit the IQL Summer Screen page for more, or go to the Life at IQL app.

18 Aug 2021

Signorelli: Stratford's own Italian Bakery

Signorelli Stratford is serving up sheer indulgence, from morning coffee to evening wine tastings. Take your pick from a perfectly curated menu all day long.

28 Jul 2021

The ArcelorMittal Orbit – the perfect day out for daredevils and not-so-daredevils

The ArcelorMittal Orbit Stratford at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Explore ArcelorMittal Orbit events in Stratford.

22 Jul 2021

A unique, green space at the heart of IQL – The Hothouse

The Hothouse at IQL is the latest addition to innovative green spaces in Stratford, London. Find out exactly what this unusual space does for the local area.

21 Jul 2021

How IQL is leading the way when it comes to outdoor working

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, why the IQL’s outdoor office space in Stratford London might be the future.

19 Jul 2021

D&D Announces its Plans for The Pavilion at IQL

We’re excited to release the new plans for the Pavilion at IQL and welcome D&D restaurants to Stratford.

10 Jul 2021

The new V&A museum coming to Stratford

Want to find out more about the New V&A in Stratford? Here’s everything you need to know.

08 Jul 2021

2 Redman Place – A case study in Sustainability

We take a closer look at IQL’s 2 Redman Place. If you’re looking for sustainable office ideas for your own organisation… allow us to inspire you.

23 Jun 2021

How Stratford can help you look after your wellbeing in the workplace

Flexible workspaces, green space, and collaboration in Stratford: when it comes to workplace wellbeing, London is the place to be.

15 Jun 2021

Where to watch the Euros 2021 in London: Best pubs in Stratford

Wondering where to watch the Euros 2021 in London? After being postponed, the 2020 Euro Championship is showing in some of the best pubs in Stratford.

14 Jun 2021

The Best Dog Friendly Pubs in and around Stratford, East London

Explore the best Stratford dog friendly pubs and best dog friendly spots around East London to take your pooch.

13 Jun 2021

RunTalkRun and Improving Mental Health

RunTalkRun are on a mission to get Britain fit with weekly jogs through IQL.

11 Jun 2021

Your guide to East London neighbourhoods

Explore things to do around East London neighbourhoods. Find out about things to do near Stratford, London.

09 Jun 2021

The new Blossom Garden at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

As the latest development in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s green infrastructure, the Blossom Garden is now open. The perfect place to pause and breathe.

09 Jun 2021

How did the streets in Stratford postcode E20 get their names?

Ever wondered how the streets in IQL and Stratford postcode E20 got their names? Find out here.

03 Jun 2021

Ander’s Terrace by D&D - Now open at IQL

D&D will open their newest concept restaurant in IQL’s Pavilion later this year. But from May 2021 Anders’ Terrace will bring the first D&D London restaurant to Stratford.

27 May 2021

Things to do near Hackney Wick station - discover our cool and quirky neighbour

Hackney Wick station can be reached in minutes from IQL and Stratford. Read our guide on the best places to visit in Hackney Wick, Stratford’s cool and quirky neighbour.

25 May 2021

Stratford set to become the new home of Esports

Stratford is to become the new home of competitive gaming as the stadiums transform into esports arenas

21 May 2021

London Wing Fest 2021

Looking for a chicken wing festival London? Check out the London Wing Fest 2021 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

21 May 2021

Planning of Stratford Station’s expansion has begun

The planning has started for Stratford Station’s redevelopment.

19 May 2021

Stratford’s new Adagio Aparthotel

The new Adagio Aparthotel has opened in Stratford. Giving more people the opportunity to move East and live in Stratford London.

18 May 2021

Al Fresco Dining in Stratford: The Best Eateries with Outdoor Space

Where’s good to eat in Stratford? We examine the best places to eat in Stratford complete with outdoor space.

01 May 2021

East London: Weekend Art and Nature Walks – download your activity pack today.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been doing the same Stratford walking routes over the past couple of months.

19 Feb 2021

5 Facts About London Olympic Park

Discover 5 facts about the London Olympic Park that you didn't know. Explore the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and nearby sights.

08 Jan 2021

Arts and fitness combined – join in and walk The Line London!

Featuring an evolving programme of art installations, projects and events, The Line illuminates an inspiring landscape where everyone can explore art, nature and heritage for free.

09 Dec 2020

​England Hockey: Jaffa Super 6s at the Copper Box Arena

Watch the England Hockey Jaffa Super 6 championship finals at the Copper Box Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

07 Nov 2020

An Important Update on our Retailers

An important update about retailers in November 2020, owing to government restrictions around COVID-19.

03 Nov 2020

IQL Estate & Construction News - November 2020

An update on construction in 2020, from The Turing Building to Workable. Read more at this page.

04 Sep 2020

London Design Festival comes to IQL – Saturday 12th September

Want to find out about some good news stories in the press? We've put together a list of snippets guaranteed to lift your spirits.

03 Sep 2020

London Mural Festival arrives at IQL

Want to find out about some good news stories in the press? We've put together a list of snippets guaranteed to lift your spirits.

03 Sep 2020

The Spark: Our Outdoor Community Space

Watch all your favourite films at the open air cinema London with the Stratford Summer Screen events. Discover summer at IQL.

30 Apr 2020

Practically perfect? Our top five practical wellbeing tips for lockdown in Stratford

During this uncertain time physical and mental health is on everyone’s mind. But if you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown in Stratford here are our top five practical tips for helping you stay well.

30 Apr 2020

Wellbeing Wonders, Present and Future at IQL Stratford

Want to find out about some good news stories in the press? We've put together a list of snippets guaranteed to lift your spirits.

22 Apr 2020

Impacts of Covid-19 on Public Transport Operations for Key Workers in Stratford

Explore how public transport has changed during COVID-19 and how Stratford International Station is supporting key workers.

22 Apr 2020

Good News Stories

Want to find out about some good news stories in the press? We've put together a list of snippets guaranteed to lift your spirits.

22 Apr 2020

How To Keep A Mindfulness Diary

Want to create a mindfulness diary but don't know where to start? Check out our guide to mindfulness journalling.

17 Apr 2020

How to juggle home working and home schooling

Kids at home? Juggling video conference calls? Find out how to juggle home working and home schooling with our guide.

16 Apr 2020

Keep the kids occupied & learning while you relax

Need a break? Get the kids stuck into some educational play and home activities for kids to keep them busy.

16 Apr 2020

Memorable Events in Stratford

Want to know more about the events that shaped Stratford London? Look back over the years of East London history.

16 Apr 2020

How to support small businesses in Stratford

Find out how to support small businesses in Stratford. Read our tips for how to support a small business.

15 Apr 2020

London Fashion Trends, Stratford Style

We explore the boldest fashion statements to come out of Stratford. Explore the London fashion scene.

15 Apr 2020

From Weavers to Workers

Find out more about the most important businesses to come from Stratford London. Explore our historical guide to Stratford, London.

08 Apr 2020

Stratford's stars: Famous people from East London

Want to know who the most famous people from East London are? We've rounded up some of the biggest names to come from Stratford.

08 Apr 2020

The benefits of coworking at Workable

Tired of working from home? Want to know what the perks of coworking are? See why Workable Stratford is the place for you.

06 Apr 2020

5 Ways To Beat Self-Isolation Blues

Find ways to beat the self-isolation blues this month with our top tips from fresh air to at-home yoga.

06 Apr 2020

Things we're not missing by being on lockdown

Struggling to see the positives of isolation? We've rounded up what we're not missing by being in isolation.

06 Apr 2020

Theatre Royal Stratford East: What Events are Cancelled and How To Support Them

Find out how you can support your local businesses like Theatre Royal Stratford East and their future events.

02 Apr 2020

Six ways to relieve isolation boredom

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Read our top tips for things to do at home to relieve isolation boredom.

01 Apr 2020

#HELPNEWHAM: Active Newham are looking for volunteers

Need your groceries delivered? Check out the best grocery delivery services in London to bring your groceries to your door.

31 Mar 2020

Part 3: Online Retailers

Stay home and support businesses in Stratford by getting your groceries delivered in East London.

30 Mar 2020

Part 2: Local businesses to the rescue!

Stay home and support local business in Stratford by getting your groceries delivered in East London.

27 Mar 2020

Part 1: The Supermarkets

Stay home and support local supermarkets in Stratford by getting your groceries delivered in East London.

27 Mar 2020

Friday Funday – Ways to stay social in Isolation

Missing your friends and family? Read about the best group video call apps to keep in contact and create a virtual hangout.

24 Mar 2020

Senior Citizen Shopping Hours in Stratford, London

Want to know which stores are offering senior citizen shopping hours in Stratford. Find NHS shopping hours during COVID-19.

24 Mar 2020

Home office too quiet? Here are our podcast recommendations

Looking for your next podcast obsession? Check out our favourite podcasts all available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

23 Mar 2020

Find places to walk in London for a spot of fresh air

Get outside for some fresh air and find places to walk in London. Explore the best parks in East London.

14 Mar 2020

5 Fun Exercise Classes in East London for Fitness Phobics

Fitness-phobe? Find fun exercise classes in London's East End near Stratford for alternative ways to workout.

13 Mar 2020

Venue Hire in East London for Your Next Event

Need somewhere to host your next event or party? Find free event hire East London.

12 Mar 2020

Discover Arts and Culture Events in Stratford, East London

Discover the latest arts and cultural events in Stratford, East London. Explore music, cinema and live performances.

04 Mar 2020

Hockey: FIH Pro League in London

Watch live sport at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. The FIH Hockey Pro League is coming to London this summer.

02 Mar 2020

Where's Wally Fun Run 2020

Join the Where's Wally Fun Run 2020 at the Olympic Park. Hosted by the National Literacy Trust, this race is open to all ages.

28 Feb 2020

Sporting events London around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Discover upcoming sporting events London near the Olympic Park, London Stadium, Copper Box Arena and Aquatics Centre.

28 Feb 2020

What’s on at the theatre in East London

Discover what's on at the theatre East London. See performances at the Theatre Royal and Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

24 Feb 2020

Discover coworking in Stratford with Workable

Discover coworking in Stratford with our spotlight article on Workable.

24 Feb 2020

Pack Your Bags: Where You Can Travel From Stratford

Find out where you can travel from Stratford International including St Pancras, Paris and across Central London.

01 Feb 2020

Step Back in Time

Explore the best East London vintage stores in Stratford and where to find the best East London vintage clothing.

01 Feb 2020

Watch the Six Nations: The best sports pubs in Stratford

The best sports pubs in Stratford to watch the Six Nations Championship on screen and best sports bars in East London.

01 Feb 2020

Stratford Cinemas: A Film Buff’s Guide to East London

Read a film buff's guide to East London. Discover the best Stratford cinemas to catch the next big film or independent movie.

01 Feb 2020

The Best Halal Restaurants in East London

Looking for halal restaurants in East London? Discover the best halal food spots near Stratford, London.

01 Feb 2020

The best coffee shops and cafes in and around Stratford London

Find the best cafes in Stratford London for your next caffeine fix. Explore coffee shops Stratford in East London.

13 Jan 2020

The best Valentine’s Day Restaurants in London to celebrate this February

Discover the best places to take your date this Valentine's Day. Find the best Valentine's Day restaurants in London.

08 Jan 2020

Veganuary at IQL

Find the best vegan restaurants London and celebrate Veganuary 2020. Discover tasty vegan options in London.

08 Jan 2020

Five Ways to Beat the Blues this January

5 ways to beat the January Blues and get motivated for 2020. Kick off your year with a new hobby and get outside.

08 Jan 2020

Get fit for free in Stratford, London

Discover ways to get fit for free in Stratford, London. Reach your New Year goals with local running routes and free gym classes.

08 Jan 2020

The best East London museums to explore

Explore the best East London museums for families and children. Find alternative museums in London near Stratford.

07 Jan 2020

The best hotels in Stratford London

Explore the best hotels in Stratford London. Find a hotel in East London for couples, business trips and more.

18 Dec 2019

5 things you need to know about living in Stratford London

Discover 5 things you didn't know about living in Stratford London and why it's such a great place to live, work and play.

18 Dec 2019

The Best Pubs and Restaurants on the River Lea London

Explore the pubs and restaurants at River Lea London. Discover a new part of East London and see Stratford from another angle.

17 Dec 2019

Best Pubs in Stratford for your Christmas Night Out

Find the best pubs in Stratford for your Christmas night out. Left it a bit late? We've found the best pubs in Stratford.

17 Dec 2019

Explore Three Mills Island London

Find out more about Three Mills Island London. Explore the area that is home to historical mills and a brand new music festival.

17 Dec 2019

The best spots in Stratford for gift shopping this Christmas

Find the perfect gift this Christmas from an independent store in Stratford London. Find the best shopping spots in Stratford.

17 Dec 2019

The waterways of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Find out about the waterways of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Discover the history and explore the park by boat.

17 Dec 2019

Best free things to do in Stratford London

Find the best free things to do in Stratford. Looking for cheap days out in London? Explore what's on in Stratford.

03 Dec 2019

Tour Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by boat

Discover interesting things to do in London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Book a boat tour of East London's waterways.

29 Nov 2019

On a budget? 5 of the best cheap eats East London

On a budget? Discover the best cheap eats East London near International Quarter London. Find restaurants and cafes for cheap food.

28 Nov 2019

Best Sunday Roast in East London

Find the best Sunday roast in East London this weekend. Discover pubs serving a Sunday roast in Stratford London.

20 Nov 2019

Best lunch spots in Stratford

Find lunch spots East London. Discover where to find tasty lunches in Stratford near International Quarter London.

20 Nov 2019

Best Brunches in Stratford

Explore the best brunches in Stratford. Discover the most popular brunch spots in Stratford East London.

07 Nov 2019

The Best Vegan Restaurants in East London

Discover the best vegan restaurant East London. We've rounded up our favourite vegan restaurants and cafes in Stratford, London.

07 Nov 2019

Roof East is open until December

Discover Roof East events in Stratford. Roof East is open until December, so check out the events and activities on offer.

31 Oct 2019

Win your spot at Workable Stratford with Echo

Join Workable Stratford, the latest coworking space Stratford London. Win a six month membership to Workable Stratford with Echo.

28 Oct 2019

Free WiFi at Signorelli

Signorelli, the Italian bakery London in Stratford has introduced free wi-fi for its customers. Italian bakery East London at IQL.

14 Oct 2019

The Creative Wick Music Academy

See the results of the Creative Wick Music Academy. The IQL funded pilot programme supports young musicians in London.

14 Oct 2019

Working in Construction: Happy’s story

Read more about women in construction. We interview a woman in construction about her experience on the Workplace initiative.

08 Oct 2019

Things to do in London's East Village

Find things to do in East Village London and living in East Village. Read our guide on living in East Village London.

02 Oct 2019

Things to do in East London on a rainy day

Explore London and find things to do in East London on a rainy day. Find indoor things to do in Stratford East London.

02 Oct 2019

Yoga in East London: The Best Yoga Classes in Stratford

Find the best yoga East London studios. Take part in rooftop yoga East London and local yoga classes in Stratford.

02 Oct 2019

​Living in Stratford London

Find out what living in Stratford London is like. Explore the area and find out about life in Stratford East London.

02 Oct 2019

Halloween Events in London

Explore Halloween events London and find Halloween activities in East London 2019. Halloween events in Stratford.

24 Sep 2019

Things to do in Victoria Park

Explore Victoria Park London and discover Victoria Park events including All Points East festival and more.

24 Sep 2019

Cycle Routes in Stratford London

Discover cycle routes in Stratford London for your next adventure. Find cycle routes in London suitable for beginners.

24 Sep 2019

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stratford: Trails, Tours and Attractions

Explore the Olympic Park in London's East End with the Queen Elizabeth Park Stratford Trails. Explore the park near IQL.

24 Sep 2019

Best Rooftop Bars in East London

Explore the best rooftop bars in East London for your next night out. Discover rooftop bars in Stratford at Roof East and Westfield.

13 Sep 2019

Coworking Space London: Workable Open House Weekend - Date Changed

Join a coworking space in London at Workable, Stratford. Find shared office space London with like minded individuals.

11 Sep 2019

A hoard of history, arts, industry and culture

Stratford's local culture is showcased in an East London street art installation. Check it out at Stratford International Quarter.

11 Sep 2019

Hoarding Stories: Michael Nyman

Find out about Stratford-born Michael Nyman through our brand new hoardings. Explore the hoardings at International Quarter London.

15 Aug 2019

The Best Breakfast in Stratford

Explore the most popular breakfast spots in Stratford and find your favourite breakfast in Stratford. Find breakfast East London.

01 Aug 2019

Best Gyms in Stratford

Find the best gyms in Stratford including boutique gyms London and gyms East London. Check out the cheapest gyms in East London.

29 Jul 2019

Best Shopping Areas in East London

Discover the best shopping areas in London's East end and Stratford. Explore the shops in Stratford Westfield and the Stratford Shopping Centre.

29 Jul 2019

History of Stratford

Read about East London history and the surrounding areas. Discover more about the history of Stratford London.

24 Jul 2019

Workable competition

Join Workable at IQL, the shared office space in Stratford East London. Explore the workspace London.

24 Jul 2019

Workable coming to IQL

Workable workplace Stratford is coming soon. Join the coworking space in Stratford East London and meet like minded people in business.

19 Jul 2019

Things to do with kids in Stratford

Find things to do in London with kids and ideas for family days out in East London. Discover cheap family days out in Stratford.

18 Jul 2019

Test Bird Scooters for yourself in Stratford

Hire Bird Scooters in Stratford Olympic Park to support sustainable travel London. Discover Bird Scooters London.

16 Jul 2019

Stratford's Newest Skyscraper

Discover The Stratford Hotel and more boutique hotels East London. Explore hotels in Stratford London for your visit.

01 Jul 2019

A Major League win for the Yankees in Stratford

Read about the New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game and more London Stadium events with the London Series in Stratford.

26 Jun 2019

East London Restaurants: The Stratford Brasserie is Opening

Discover one of the coolest new restaurants London. Explore East London restaurants near International Quarter London.

18 Jun 2019

The Community Track at London Stadium

Discover London running routes at the London Stadium Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at the Community Track.

17 Jun 2019

Get Muddy for Cancer Research UK

Take part in the Race for Life Pretty Muddy 2019 Stratford event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East London.

09 Jun 2019

Silent Disco Workouts at Roof East

Find alternative things to do in East London at Roof East Stratford including a silent disco workout every Sunday.

07 Jun 2019

Blurring Boundaries in Workplace Design

Find out how International Quarter London are breaking down barriers in workplace design to coincide with London's Festival of Architecture.

07 Jun 2019

Prudential RideLondon Surrey 100 returns for 2020

The Prudential RideLondon Route will start at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stratford. See the RideLondon Route.

06 Jun 2019

A musical history of Stratford

A musical history of Stratford. East Bank welcomes BBC Music at Stratford's Waterfront. Find out more about live music in Stratford.

05 Jun 2019

Six Day London Returns to the Velodrome London

Find out more about the Six Day London 2019 Schedule at the Velodrome London and discover more Lee Valley Velopark Events in London.

04 Jun 2019

East London Dance

East London dance offer dance classes East London. Children's dance classes East London and dance classes for beginners.

04 Jun 2019

East London’s brewing culture

Find an East London brewery and discover London craft beer in Stratford. Tour bars East London that serve local craft beer.

03 Jun 2019

Best walks in Stratford

Discover the best walks around Stratford near Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Explore canal walks London and East London walks this summer.

31 May 2019

Beats, bass and blues by the canal

Enjoy free live music in East London at Hackney Wick. Join the Grow Hackney summer sessions just 15 minutes from Stratford.

29 May 2019

East London's Best Markets

Find some of London's best street food markets near Stratford, East London. Discover East London Markets selling street food and more.

22 May 2019

Who's coming to East Bank: London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion is opening at East Bank London. The London fashion college will be opening in Stratford in 2022.

22 May 2019

Japanese restaurant in London: Tonkotsu at IQL

Discover Tonkotsu, one of the best Japanese restaurants in London. Find them at Endeavour Square Stratford, near Westfield London.

16 May 2019

A Hoard of History, Arts, Industry and Culture

Stratford's local culture is showcased in an East London street art installation. Check it out at Stratford International Quarter.

14 May 2019

Who's Coming to East Bank: Sadler's Wells Theatre, Stratford

Sadler's Wells theatre London is opening at IQL Stratford in 2022 bringing diverse, contemporary dance to London.

13 May 2019

The Diving World Series comes to London Aquatics Centre

The Diving World Series at London Aquatics Centre. Discover the Olympic Swimming Pool London and events at Stratford Olympic Pool.

13 May 2019

Streaming Classic Culture at the Picture House Cinema

Enjoy live streams of theatrical performances & exhibitions at the Picturehouse Cinema London. Cinemas in East London.

13 May 2019

Constructing partnerships in Stratford

See what Building Crafts College Stratford offers with their open house and free workshop tours during London Craft Week 2019.

12 May 2019

Stratford son to sartorial success for Alexander McQueen

Explore the new East London street art installation at IQL, inspired by Newham College graduate, Alexander McQueen.

12 May 2019

All Points East 2021

Be the first to know about All Points East Festival 2021, All Points East Lineup and All Points East tickets.

06 May 2019

Signorelli - Stratford's Artisan Bakery

Discover places to eat in Stratford like Signorelli Stratford at Endeavour Square. The artisan bakery offers breakfast, brunch and more.

04 May 2019

A real world design challenge for local students

See what happened when a local school visited International Quarter London to take part in a Real World Design Challenge.

04 May 2019

The Muller Anniversary Games return to London Stadium

Check out the Muller Anniversary Games 2019 at the London Stadium Stratford. Enjoy live sports, music and more in East London this July.

02 May 2019

Your wellbeing at International Quarter London

Improve your fitness and wellbeing in East London. Discover East London walks, Lee Valley Cycling Club and Copper Box Arena Gym.

02 May 2019

Stratford Olympic Park's History Trees

Explore the History Trees at the Stratford Olympic Park. Learn about Stratford's history and the 2012 Olympic Games legacy.

20 Apr 2019

Organised Races at Lee Valley VeloPark

Discover what's on at the Velodrome Stratford London. There are a range of Lee Valley Velodrome events throughout the year.

18 Apr 2019

The Best Bars in Stratford, London

Discover the best bars in Stratford London. Explore our top picks of Stratford pubs and bars for your next night out.

18 Apr 2019

Who's coming to East Bank: V&A and The Smithsonian

The V&A Stratford Waterfront is opening in 2023 as one of the best museums in London. Discover East London museums.

16 Apr 2019

Lendlease Challenge: The Final Entries

International Quarter London take part in the Lendlease challenge. Find out more about IQL on their website.

15 Apr 2019

Best Walks in London: Walk The Line from Stratford

Explore Stratford with one of the best walks in London. Find new places to walk in London with our guide.

15 Apr 2019

Clean Air at International Quarter London

International Quarter London talk about providing clean air and green spaces at IQL Stratford. Find out more on our website.

15 Apr 2019

A Stratford success story

Read about H Forman and son smoked salmon in Stratford achieving protected geographical indication status.

12 Apr 2019

Welcoming Unicef UK to IQL

Unicef London HQ moves into International Quarter London. Discover the other companies that work at International Quarter London.

10 Apr 2019

Clerkenwell Design Week: The Highlights

Read about the Clerkenwell Design Week that ran from the 21-23 May 2019. Find out more about the next annual event.

10 Apr 2019

Lenny Henry joins cast of King Hedley II at Stratford East

Read about things to do in East London including Lenny Henry joining the cast of King Hedley II at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.

10 Apr 2019

Workplace Wellbeing

Read more about the Workplace and Facilities Management conference focussing on health & wellbeing at work.

09 Apr 2019

A celebration for London Legacy Development Corporation

International Quarter London look back on the achievements of the London Legacy Development Corporation since the 2012 games.

09 Apr 2019

Coming up at Discovery Children's Story Centre

Discovery Children’s Centre in Stratford is a place where children and families can visit and explore using their imaginations. Here’s what’s on.

08 Apr 2019

Theatre, Ballet and Street Dance classes in East London

Discover theatre classes & dance workshops London in partnership with Startford Circus Arts Centre & East London Dance.

08 Apr 2019

London Running Routes in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Discover where to run in London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Find the best places to jog in Stratford.

08 Apr 2019

IQL Building nominated for BCO award

Endeavour Square Stratford nominated for Best Commercial Workplace. Discover International Quarter London for yourself.

08 Apr 2019

Flow East Yoga With Nadine at Roof East Stratford

Discover Yoga in East London with Nadine Sharkey at Roof East Stratford. Enjoy regular yoga classes with Flow East.

08 Apr 2019

Free Creative Sessions at Apple Store Stratford

Free creative workshops today at Apple Store Stratford for adults and kids. Learn photography, coding and music skills.

06 Apr 2019

Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra pop in for a visit

Read about when the Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra visited East Bank London and provided live music in Stratford.

03 Apr 2019

The FCA moves its HQ to International Quarter London

The Financial Conduct Authority London moves into the International Quarter London.

23 Mar 2019

Getting to the Olympic Park from Stratford Station: visit International Quarter London

Find out how to get to International Quarter London and getting to the Olympic Park from Stratford Station. Find directions to IQL.

28 Jan 2019

'Buon Appetito' Stratford: Signorelli Bakery opens at IQL

Discover where to eat East London like artisan bakery Signorelli in Stratford near Westfield. Enjoy handmade bread, pastries and cakes for breakfast or lunch.

08 Jan 2019

Things To Do In East London For Couples

Find romantic things to do in London. There are loads of things to do as a couple in East London near International Quarter London.