Nico Vieira

What’s your name and position?

Nico Vieira, I’m the Building Services Manager for the Pavilion project at Lendlease.

So what are your main responsibilities in relation to the Pavilion?

I look after the MEP (Mechanical - Electrical - Public Health). On top of this, I’m responsible for the Lifts and Passive Fire Protection package; from the procurement process, through the installation, onto final commissioning and handover.

Where do you enjoy spending time around Stratford – at lunch times or before and after work?

There are a lot of really great running routes close by. I usually go for a run at lunch time in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, or along the canals in the Hackney area. I also attend the Yoga session on Wednesdays at IQL’s The Spark (Behind Pret).

How did you get into the industry? Planned or by accident?

I studied electrical engineering for 5 years in France but I was working in the Manufacturing Sector, for companies like Matra BAE Dynamics and Guerlain. I then moved to London to work as an Au Pair and it was only then I was offered a job in the Construction Industry. That was over 13 years ago now!

What did you do before you started your current role?

My CV is quite diverse: time as an Au Pair, an electrician, and then as a Building Services Manager for ten years before joining Lendlease earlier this year.

Did you study at University? If so, where and what?

After initially studying Electrical Engineering, I went on to study Sociology and Anthropolgy at Université de Tours in France. Once I joined the construction industry I studied Building Services Engineering at South Bank University.

What’s the most exciting aspect of the Pavilion for you?

I have really enjoyed working with the CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) structure because it’s a new experience for me. It’s also been nice working with a small team, it means everyone works closely together with good communication.

What’s the best part of your job?

I enjoy looking after the Trade contractor packages, as this task extends throughout the project lifecycle, from procurement, design development, production on site, finance, commissioning and, finally, handover. I also get to deal with a variety of stakeholders, consultants and specialists and work through the technical challenges brought by the construction coordination and MEP package.