Luke Allbrighton

What’s your name and position?

Luke Allbrighton, Assistant Planning Manager (planning & scheduling) at Lendlease.

So, what are your main responsibilities in relation to the Pavilion?

I manage, track and update the project programme, using our planning software. That sounds confusing but it generally means that I read the architectural drawings, work with the team to establish a safe a logical installation sequence for the project and then use the programme software to develop the project programme and flesh out the details. Then as the project continues, I make sure I monitor the progress of design, approvals, procurement & construction against our agreed completion date.

Where do you enjoy spending time around Stratford – at lunch times or before and after work?

If the weather permits, I like to walk around the Olympic park at lunch times, down past the London Stadium. There’s also a bunch of us at Lendlease who play football on the pitches at Chobham Academy on a regular basis – so it’s fair to say Stratford is a great place for keeping fit and active!

How did you get into the industry? Planned or by accident?

A bit of both. I loved maths, science and art at school so studied Architecture at University. Through that process I developed a love of the built environment – so human made spaces – and knew that was where I wanted to work. That’s why I ended up working in construction.

What did you do before you started your current role?

After graduating I took on a year’s internship at a chemical manufacturer before starting the Grad scheme here at Lendlease. Throughout the graduate scheme, I worked across all of the Lendlease commercial buildings here in Stratford, including Transport for London, Financial Conduct Authority & Cancer Research UK’s Offices.

Did you study at University? If so, where and what?

I did my degree in Architecture at the University of Manchester. It’s actually a collaborative venture between the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University which means you can make the most of all the facilities the city’s universities have to offer. This particular degree gave me a strong theoretical understanding of Architecture but also taught me the practical elements of digital and physical design. So if anyone reading is thinking about studying there – I would highly recommend it!

What’s the most exciting aspect of the Pavilion for you?

I’m sure a lot of people have said this – but it’s got to be the CLT (Cross Laminated Timber Structure). This is the first pavilion Lendlease has built from these materials in the UK. And that to me is special. The timber itself is a low impact material with a much lower embodied carbon footprint. It’s sustainable, both in itself and in that it produces less waste in the construction process – so it’s a solid choice for a public building.

What’s the best part of your job?

This is tough – I’m going to have to talk about a few I’m afraid!

First of all, I like that the role of Construction Planner has access to all areas of the project. It challenges me in that I have to understand each area, whether it’s procurement, construction sequences or tracking processes such as statutory approvals.

I also get the opportunity to do a lot of 4D planning in this role. That’s when you add the programme’s timescales to the physical attributes of the 3D digital model, which then shows you the progression of installation sequences over time. It helps you identify potential clashes, logistical issues and helps you with safety planning.

The final element of my job I enjoy most is something that’s quite specific to Lendlease. Working on this project has given Lendlease and myself the opportunity to engage with schools from the surrounding area in Newham. Outreach and engagement with future generations is important to the business, so I’ve been delivering talks about the work we’re doing in Stratford. The talks highlight the importance of creating ‘place’ not just buildings and outline why urban redevelopment is a good thing. We also talk about the variety of careers available in construction. I like engaging with the younger generation and I love the industry so it’s a part of the job I really get a kick out of!