"London's single most important development for the next 25 years."

Mayor Sadiq Khan


We’re creating a new retail and dining destination at the heart of Stratford. One that satisfies the vibrant, urban and fast-growing community of east London.

Think diverse, creative retail spaces that mirror a diverse, creative neighbourhood. Think BBC Music, London College of Fashion, Olympic Park, V&A East. An area brought to life by workers, visitors, residents and students. Vibrant throughout the day and into the night.


The Location

Restaurants and retail spaces populate IQL's spacious streets. Some are close to green public spaces where communities congregate. Main thoroughfares are thriving with thousands of workers and high footfall. Everything is designed to work for these diverse audiences.

At the centre of it all - a Pavilion. Boldly designed by award-winning architects ACME. The Pavilion will be a hub of dining and retail, where people can come together to eat, drink and socialise.



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