An image of The Pavilion at IQL

IQL’s Pavilion is the Winner of Winners at the Structural Timber Awards

IQL’s Pavilion is the Winner of Winners at the Structural Timber Awards

We’re pleased to announce that the Pavilion at IQL has won two Structural Timber Awards (STAs) this year! The STAs celebrate the incredible achievements of teams using the most natural and sustainable construction materials, and we are proud to see the Pavilion recognised for its innovation and sustainability.

What awards did the Pavilion win?

Arup picked up the Engineer of the Year award for their innovative work with timber, and then the Pavilion was crowned Winner of Winners by the STA judges.

The Pavilion is a new meeting place for a rapidly transforming Stratford and is a stunning and sustainable landmark between IQL and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Earlier this year, the Pavilion was awarded BREEAM outstanding which puts it into the top 1% of new sustainable commercial buildings in the UK.

But why is the Pavilion so important for the construction industry?

While the Pavilion is a showstopper for Stratford it will also have a large impact on the wider construction industry. The building successfully demonstrates how timber could be used to help the UK construction industry achieve its carbon reduction targets.

  • The use of timber in the Pavilion’s superstructure resulted in a 56% reduction in embodied carbon when compared to an efficient concrete alternative.
  • In fact, the carbon stored in the superstructure frame is more than the total embodied carbon of the structure. This puts the Pavilion in line with the RIBA 2030 targets for embodied carbon.

The building also achieved an EPC A rating, demonstrating an impressively low energy consumption by making use of the district heating and cooling network.