An aerial view of Stratford East

Lendlease and Partners embark on 10-year Longitudinal Study of Household Prosperity

Lendlease UK are partnering with the Royal Docks, London Legacy Development Corporation and UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity and Centre for Longitudinal Studies, on a 10-year study of household prosperity in East London.

The study will observe how households in 12 East London, post-industrial neighbourhoods (including International Quarter London) report their prosperity over the 10-year period 2021 to 2031. These neighbourhoods have been selected as they have been subject to the rapid social and economic transformation driven by the regeneration of London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Royal Docks.

The study is being led by Prosperity Co-Lab (PROCOL) UK and is the first of its kind in the UK. It aims to determine how the ‘prosperity gains’ from regeneration are distributed between neighbourhoods. How do people from different backgrounds experience prosperity, and what issues they face in their journey to ‘prosper’?

To find out more about the study, visit the Procol website.