Connect at IQL with our free Wi-Fi!

We’ve recently introduced our free, on-site Wi-Fi that can keep you on-the-go on your visit or whilst working outside. It will cover Franklin Park, Endeavour Square, the Pavilion Roof, Redman Place and Bridge Place.

All you need to do is look for _IQL Free Wi-Fi in your Wi-Fi options, then enter your name and e-mail address and accept the Terms & Conditions. You’ll know you have connected successfully once you reach our dedicated Wi-Fi page – stick around and read more about us or get to browsing the web straight away!

With more flexible ways of working deciding the future of how we work, we felt it essential to make sure you can always stay connected when you’re in IQL. Whether you’re taking a walking meeting through Endeavour Square or uploading the perfect picture to social media on the Pavilion Roof, there’s all this and more to enjoy whilst you’re here, with the certainty that you can stay on top of things without interruption.